National and International News Roundup – 14th February 2020

Heavy Casualties have been recorded as government soldiers stormed Ngar, a remote village in Ndu, Donga Mantung in Cameroon’s North-West region this Friday. At least 25 people are reported dead. Sources say soldiers stormed the area earlier today:  “they came from left Ndu and Tatum, storming the locality as early as 6:00 AM… accompanied by government-sponsored vigilante group members… a pregnant woman was stabbed…” a source said.

The parliamentarian elect of Nkambe Central constituency has described recent reports of his attack by separatist as mere “rumours”. It was reported a few days ago that he and his driver were attacked by separatist fighters between Nkambe and Bamenda. In a TV interview Friday, he admitted the existence of an Anglophone problem but differed with the use of force by separatists to deprive kids of their rights to education. To him, the problem should be addressed peacefully.

Lecturers of state universities across Cameroon have ended day two of a sit-in strike today across the nation.  In the protest against low pay, which started January 27, the teachers are demanding the payment of their research allowances from the government of Cameroon.

After a long wait, the list for this year’s “presidential excellence award” given to outstanding university students has been made public in Buea. A release today published by university authorities said the grants will be distributed from Monday, February 17, 2020.

Two students of Lycee Classic Bafang in the Upper Nkam Division of the West region of Cameroon, are missing since 9th February 2020. According to school officials, the children disappeared after participating in 54th National Youths Day in Bafang.  Family members say they have not heard from the kids. Findings are underway.

Njang Denis, National President of the popular action party PAP says the massive boycott of the February twin elections shows Cameroonians have understood the need for an alternative means to change the current regime. He said no free, fair and credible election can be organized in Cameroon under the current Yaounde government.

Hours after Prof. Maurice Kamto’s MRC party, Stand Up For Cameroon has hailed Cameroonians for boycotting the just ended twin election in Cameroon. To the platform led by Kah Walla, the war in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon is enough reason for the massive election boycott. The movement had earlier embarked on a protest on the streets of Yaounde calling for a boycott of the elections.

Paul Eric Kingue says he is determined to give a new facelift to the Njombe-Penja Municipality, adding that it requires the collaboration of all. Paul Eric Kingue, CNPM national president was speaking after his party was declared winner of the February 9th municipal elections. He has openly criticized Professor Maurice Kamto with whom he formed an alliance in 2018.

Cameroonians join the rest of the world to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. The day is being marked by the sharing of gifts among families and loved ones. Earlier in the day, dealers in artificial and natural flowers witnessed more sales as many flooded flower markets and other shops in Cameroon’s major cities to purchase special gifts for their loved ones.. Some have taken on social media to question whether this day an aspect of African or Cameroonian culture.

Albert Elimbi Lobe, a candidate in the just-ended legislative election has blamed failure by opposition to defeat the ruling CPDM party on “greed and egoism”. Elimbi Lobe says the greatest setback of Cameroon’s opposition lies it its inability to form an alliance. He left one of Cameroon’s key opposition, SDF, accusing management of managerial lapses.

Politicians in Douala have condemned a recent decision by Douala 3 D.O to seal the office of the outgoing SDF mayor in the area and those of his and his deputies. With the official ceremony still awaited, the civil administrator today descended to the Council Chamber and had the mayor’s office sealed. The council was won by the CPDM.

The governor of the Littoral says there will henceforth be a cleanup campaign in Douala on Thursday between 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboa spoke while launching the process in Douala Thursday. Ivaha Diboua said the move is to keep Douala clean as the city prepares to the African Football Championship from April 4th this year.

After Douala, Limbe and Buea, CAF inspection team visited hospitals, hotels and stadia ahead of CHAN 2020. Draws of the championship will take place Monday next week in Yaounde.

Only 34% of adult Nigerians surveyed in a national poll use condoms during sex. According to the survey carried out by NOIPolls the results show that only 28% of the general population that uses condoms do so consistently. This is despite the fact that most of those surveyed said it was easy for them to purchase a condom if needed.

Liberia is marking one month since a chronic petrol shortage hit the country. The streets are generally deserted – petrol stations are the only busy places and some crammed with vehicles waiting in the hope that some fuel may arrive. People are staying away from work and students are not going to school because of the absence of public transport.

Zambia’s president has deployed the army to help stop a spate of gas attacks that have spread across the country over the last two months causing panic. Police have been unable to catch those who have been targeting homes and schools by spraying victims with a gas that leaves them unconscious.

Egypt has recorded its first case of coronavirus, according to the Reuters news agency quoting state television. The health ministry said the person affected was a foreigner. If confirmed this will be the first case of the deadly virus in Africa.

At least 20 people have been killed in the Mopti Region of central Mali in the latest outbreak of violence between two rival ethnic groups. The overnight attack by suspected vigilantes from the Dogon community was in Ogossagou – the same village where 160 people were killed in March last year.

Ethiopia’s electoral board has postponed the highly anticipated general election by nearly two weeks to 29 August. Announcing the revised timetable, the chair of the electoral board, Birtukan Mideksa – a former judge who was once a political prisoner – said that the end of August generally saw relatively less heavy rain.

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