Higher education minister rejects university certificates from Bamenda University Institute

Graduates with certificates from the Bamenda University Institute of Science And Technology, BUST are in panic following a release signed by the minister of higher education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo warning that certificates obtained from the institution are not recognized by the ministry of higher education in Cameroon.

According to the released signed July 13, all diplomas, HND, bachelors degree, masters degree and PhD delivered and signed in violation of the accreditation status by the authorities of BUST are not recognized by the ministry of higher education, the release reads.

The said release has accused BUST for violating its statutes as a university institute under the mentorship of the university of Buea and Dschang – and for bypassing these state universities and issuing terminal certificates to young Cameroonians at the end of their study in the institution.

The release that has been circulating on social media has caused public outrage in Bamenda, host city of the institution.

Public opinion has however pointed accusation fingers at the Yaoundé government for making another attempt to kill the Anglo -Saxon educational institutions.

According to Sonia, a graduate from BUST since 2018 the ministers release comes to justify her fears the institution might have caused her to waste time and money.

”I graduated with a degree in hospitality management in 2018 and till date I have not had my certificate. Now I’m scared it will never come and even if it comes, I’m sure it will be void as I will not know if it’s valid or not” she said.

To Tanui Godlove, the minister’s release is the most stupid release to have come from the minister of higher education.

“Why did the minister allow the institution, BUST to go ahead training students and issuing certificates just to come up with a release now saying such certificates are not recognized by the ministry of higher education? What do you expect from the poor students? How will students who want quality education know if an institution is authorized to offer university training or not? Who gives authorization for such institutions of higher learning to operate in the first place?” he retorted.

It should be noted that the minister’s release has not mentioned the period the university faltered with her mentor university making all students and certificates obtained from the said institution under questioning in the country given that graduates from the institution have picked up jobs in the country with some even out of Cameroon.

Bamenda University of science and technology was founded in 1998 as a for-profit private higher education institution with campus in mile 6 Nkwen.

An ex-student of BUST reacts

Reacting to the latest developments, a former student of the institution says: “Suffice to note that BUST is one of the first accredited private higher institutions of learning in Cameroon created before 2000. As per the text creating it, there was no limitations to the degrees offered. However, after the year 2000, a new text governing Private Higher Institutions of learning came into play and BUST was caught in this unfortunate web as it now had to affiliate to state Institutions”.

He said BUST is “therefore affiliated to the University of Buea and Dschang for the Bachelor and master degrees respectively. This therefore means that the Institution respects the law in force”.

  1. With regards to the HND, this is a national exams and BUST does deliver diplomas in this direction as this is issued to her students by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. The Bachelor Degrees are issued to her students by Buea (Education, Health and economics and law Higher Institutes) and Dschang (Agriculture and Rural Development). However, BUST issues temporary attestations to help students with pressing needs while awaiting delivery of valid attestations from mentoring Institutions which at times takes time. It is well spelled out in these attestations that this is temporary and does not replace those of mentoring institutions.
    With regards to the Master degrees , these are issued by Dschang though l BUST had already granted some to them before the implementation of the new law.
    NB: BUST remains a valid and recognised Higher Education Institution in Cameroon which has made its strides in the education of Cameoonians.

“The misconception lingering on by some uninformed individuals who does not understand the context of the Ministerial text should be debunked,” he concluded.

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