I Was Attacked By Military-SDF MP Testifies

An SDF Parliamentarian for Bafut-Tubah constituency, North West region, Hon. Fusi Naamukong, is yet to recover from what he describes as a barbaric attack by Cameroonian armed forces on him.

The MP recounted that: “at about 3pm, Saturday December 14th, i had left from his Bafut residence for a family meeting in Bamenda. At Nchoubuh(Mankon), a locality that leads to the BIR ( elite force) base, i was intercepted by over 12 uniform men. Despite efforts to present myself as people’s representative, the “trigger hungry” officers won’t spare”.
He further stated that, the Prado car he was driving, received 4 bullets at different angles. His tires punctured as the soldiers violently asked him to drive off.

The MP laments that, the action caused denizens of the area especially bike riders to flee. After which their bikes, about 7, were set ablaze by same soldiers.

The screens of other vehicles coming behind him were shattered and the occupants molested.

To him, such destructions will only enhance unemployment rate, and force the youngsters to join the secessionist groups.

This is coming barely few hours after Ayah Paul Abine, former MP, Chief Justice at the Supreme court and family suffered two attacks in less than three days, at Great Soppo, Buea.

The Barrister at Law said the identity of the “trained” attackers is unknown, but they were armed and mastered military tactics.

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