The World Bank Warns Cameroon Against Lavish Spendings

In its latest report on Cameroon, the world banks say Cameroon spents 8.7% of its public investment budgets on receptions, missions fuelling and other external services as against the resources which could be directed to social sector development, hence maintaining it on a low human development index.

The world bank report compares Cameroon’s level of social investment to those of African countries with comparable level of development.

It notes that Cameroon allocates 1.2% of its Gross Domestic to the health sector meanwhile countries like Senegal placed on the same level of development with her, allocates 2.4% to this sector, Ivory Coast with 1.7%, Kenya 3.5% and Ghana with 2.5%.

With regards to public investment in the health domain, the world Bank highlights that Cameroon witness a drop from 6.2% of the state budget dedicated to health in 2010 to 5.2% in 2016, considered as the lowest in Africa.

The Briton wood institution also indicated that this drop is largely low, compared to the Abuja health engagement set at 15 of PIB allocated to the health; and which Cameroon is a member.

One of the key human development sectors of interest to the world Bank is Education. The world bank however, notes that Cameroon accords 3% of its Gross Domestic Products to Education (GDP) whereas countries with comparative development levels allocates more.

Senegal’s GDP to education according to the world bank stands at 7% while Ghana spends 6.2% of GDP to education, Ivory Coast 5.3% and Kenya with 5.3% .

The word bank added that, the comparatively low investments in the social domain of Cameroonians explain the country’s poor ranking on the human development index platform.

In a study and ranking by the united nations development program in 2016, Cameroon is occupying the 153 position out of 179 countries with a good human development records.

The world bank also highlighted with emphasis, that Cameroon unfortunately spent 8.7% of its public investment budget on receptions, missions, fuelling and other external services between 2013 and 2015.

With regards to recommendations, the world bank suggests rational spending for Cameroon
So as to redirect the resources towards realising the 2035 emergence vision.

By: Nformi Amstrong Sandah

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