It is Cameroonians who will elect Biya’s successor – Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo

For some time now in the Cameroon’s political set up, there have been continuous conspiracy theories circulating in the mainstream media as well as social media that the regime is preparing a possible successor to the President of Cameroon, H.E Paul Biya for a stealthy transfer of power.

This theory was first brought to limelight by former presidential candidate and president of the MRC party, Professor Maurice Kamto.

This theory gained momentum in a very short while and has been the topic for most TV debates and a point for protests in the diaspora.
Professor Jacque Fame Ndongo, who is the Communication Secretary for the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM party and equally a member of the political bureau of party was quizzed about the topic as well as the government’s position on the on-going crisis in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

On the military carnage in Ngarbuh, the minister stated that “The president of the republic being legalistic cannot allow ignoble acts to flourish.”

” I understand that as he said, the investigations will be comprehensive and uncompromising. And of course, if allegations are verified and validated, then exemplary sanctions should apply to these offenders” the professor claimed.

Quizzed on the death of Buea based journalist, Samuel Wazizi in the hands of the forces of law, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo nonchalantly said the ministry of Defence had issued out a press release with full details of the happenings behind the death of the dead journalist. He added that it was never the intention of those involved to hide the death of the journalist.

It is imperative to note here that the professor has contradicted what the Ministry of defence said as they insisted the family of Wazizi were informed of his death immediately it happened.

On issues of succession of power from Paul Biya through an agreeable transfer of authority as it has been making rounds over the media, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo clearly points out “this is completely false, because national sovereignty belongs to the Cameroonian people, sovereign and masters of their own destinies. So when the question of succession is topical for the moment, it is not. It is the Cameroonian people, sovereign, who will democratically elect the successor of the current president of the Republic. Everything else is a pipe dream, a guess and a fantasy. So the allegations relating to political transfer over the counter are phantasmagoria”.

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