Journalism in chains: Buea-based Pidgin Newscaster Accused Of Working For Ambazonia Fighters

A report by a delegation of members of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union (SNJC) has said Journalist Samuel Wazizi is being held by the police over claims he has links with separatists.

The team to the Muea Police Station, headed by Jato Derrick Gakwi reports:
“The commissioner says Wazizi is kept for not collaborating with the forces of Law and Order. He is being accused of working for amba in sharing their messages to scare the public,and that his farm is hosting an amba camp.”

Talking to his colleagues via the hole of his cell, Wazizi is quoted as saying: “There is no camp on my farm and I am ready to take anybody to my farm to justify what I am saying”.

The Muea commissioner added that he cannot release Wazizi because his warrant came from his hierarchy and the administration of the region is on the case closely.

CNA/Mimi Mefo Info


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