Kamto condemns Sangmelima riots, calls for unity

MRC party leader, Maurice Kamto has condemned the recent riots in Sangmelima, a town in Cameroon’s South Region.
In a declaration released yesterday, the recently freed political leader noted that violence was in no instance justifiable. “We are all sons and daughters of one country, Cameroon,” he said.

Happening after the Major National Dialogue, “the attacks”, Kamto said, “are proof that living-together has to be constructed and maintained as a reality and not just a hollow slogan”.

In solidarity with victims of the violence and looting, the MRC “calls on the state to take its responsibility, bring an end to the situation, re-establish social peace and bring adequate security to the victims”.

Reports say calm is gradually returning to the town but others are said to be deserting the town for fear of further violence.

Violence erupted in Sangmelima Wednesday, October 9, 2019, when locals stormed the police station where a non-indigene who reportedly assaulted and murdered an indigene of Sangmelima, a bike rider, was detained.

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