Kamto gives Biya ultimatum to address Cameroonians on COVID-19, implement sustainable measures

MRC President, Maurice Kamto has called out president Paul Biya on his role in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement on COVID-19 yesterday, Kamto Biya “must fully assume by himself the presidential function which he has been usurping since the electoral hold-up of October 2018, or else the Cameroonian people will have to establish his failure and draw all the political consequences.”

While leaders worldwide are taking to the front line in the COVID-19 fight, Cameroonians he says are left in the hands of fate.

” The questions that Cameroonians of all persuasions have been asking for at least two weeks are the following: Where has Mr Paul BIYA gone? Is the county governed? If yes, by whom? Is he simply aware of his responsibility as President of the Republic, even though illegal and illegitimate, in preserving the lives of Cameroonians?” He stated.

“While these African leaders have already gotten a full grip of this dire health and security situation which prevails in their respective countries because of the coronavirus”, Biya he says “displays a disconcerting — in any case irresponsible — indifference.”

Citing the war against Boko Haram, the Eseka train incident and the raging Anglophone crisis, Kamto says what Biya’s silence in the current context “is not only irresponsible; it becomes criminal.”

“I urge Mr BIYA, within seven (07) days, from the publication of this statement, to address Cameroonians, by himself, to tell them what his response against COVID-19 is, and above all, to announce the necessary funding, both to households and businesses, to ensure the effectiveness of containment”.

“In the absence of such supporting measures,” Kamto says, “the containment directives of his government will remain sterile about the decrepitude of the social fabric, poverty and the precariousness of the populations caused by his 40-year-old regime.”

“Our people are at risk of dying. They have the right to defend themselves, especially in case of failure of the person who assumes the highest function within the State, and if the republican institutions competent to ascertain the vacant seat and draw all the consequences are themselves failing” the politician adds.

Recalling his awareness and prevention campaign, Kamto called on the general public to ensure they abide by the rules of basic hygiene to stay safe.

“If within seven days, Mr Paul BIYA does not assume the presidential function that he has granted himself through electoral fraud, then I will indicate to you, via various channels, the course of action to be taken for us to take care of ourselves” he promised.

Kamto’s statement came hours after communication minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi denied rumours of the head of state’s death.


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