Paul Eric Kingue tells Maurice Kamto to keep quiet or else….

Former campaign manager of professor Maurice Kamto is asking his former political ally to stay silent as Cameroonians galvanize themselves to kick out coronavirus pandemic.

In several facebook publications Saturday March 28th 2020, Paul Eric Kingue cautions Maurice Kamto in different ways.

In one of the publications, the mayor of Njombe Penja council in Moungo division in the littoral region says “st a time when the pandemic is threatening humanity, Maurice Kamto should stop playing with the lives of the people if not…”.

In another Facebook publication, Paul Eric Kingue uses words some political commentators say suggest blackmail. He says “I warn Maurice Kamto to keep quiet for once. If not, the world would know what we conspired”.

To some political analysts, the publication suggests that Paul Eric Kingue as a campaign manager of Professor Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party during 2018 presidential election in Cameroon nursed an ugly plan that probably failed to materialize.

“The impostor of Maurice Kamto must now stop. The time is not for political madness. The situation at hand is bad” he adds.

By describing his former close political ally as an “impostor”, many Cameroonians think the political rift between the two personalities continue to widen since they part ways shortly after their release from the prison in October 2019.

The publications of Paul Eric Kingue against professor Maurice Kamto follows Kamto’s ultimatum to president Paul Biya to address Cameroonians on the coronavirus.

In a release Friday March 27th 2020, prof Maurice Kamto says “Our people are at risk of dying. They have the right to defend themselves, especially in case of failure of the person who assumes the highest function within the State, and if the republican institutions competent to ascertain the vacant seat and draw all the consequences are themselves failing”.

Professor Maurice Kamto at the time of this report has not reacted to the comments of Paul Eric Kingue.

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