Kenya to host Symposium on situation Cameroon

Over 500 persons including former and current African leaders are expected to converge on Kenya to discuss ongoing problems in Cameroon.

Dubbed the Africa Forum, the gathering is a grouping of former African heads of States and government as well as leaders.

The objective of the symposium it has been explained “is to inform the Forum on the ongoing challenges facing the country and to lend its support to the peaceful resolution of those challenges”.

Set to hold in Kenya in April 2020, ” 500 Cameroonians will be invited to participate in the symposium ” the forum states, “including opinion leaders, civil society, the government of Cameroon, political parties, traditional authorities, religious bodies, different groups, youth leaders, the Cameroonian Diaspora,and more”.

The forum has also encouraged would-be participants to ensure they have an open and honest dialogue which it says ” will be the building block on which a lasting solution to the crisis in Cameroon may be attained”.

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