Kidnapped Nkambe female health worker freed

A medical personnel serving with a government health facility in Nkambe, Donga Mantung Division of the North West region of Cameroon has been set free from captivity.

She was released after having been taken hostage by suspected Ambazonian fighters in Buabua a locality around Fundong Town.

The lady, Marie is reported to have left Bamenda last Sunday November 24, 2019 for Nkambe where she works after taking part in a one week workshop organized by the CBC health board at the Bamenda general hospital.

Due to the heightened insecurity on the road through Kumbo, she opted to go through Fundong Town with the hope of meeting her family members the same day. This was never the case as she was abducted by heavily armed men at Buabua who kept her hostage for two nights. The supposed Ambazonian fighters are said to have kept her because she had the picture of a military officer in her phone.

Marie’s detention left her three year old daughter and sixteen year old niece stranded for two days without food. Her abductors are aso reported to have taken every money they could find on her, before letting her go. The health worker was however left unharmed.

This comes less than a month after supposed separatist fighters in Kumba allegedly buried a lady alive for being in a relationship with a member of the armed forces.

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