Moki Charles Linonge, The Leader, The Visionary, The Humanist

If the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ Douala Chapter has today become a veritable force to reckon with in the domain of professional associations, it is thanks to the leadership prowess of Moki Charles Linonge.

Elected president of CAMASEJ Douala chapter some five years ago, the leader who believes in the principle of democracy and equal standings has not only made professionalism a pinnacle of CAMASEJ Douala chapter but holds strongly that journalism will mean nothing if it does not affects the society positively.

The achievements of CAMASEJ Douala executive in the domain of professionalism are enormous within a short period and with limited material and financial resources.With Moki Charles Linonge on the steering, professionalism has been the watchword.Here are some fruits of such a move:

In 2016, CAMASEJ Douala Chapter under the leadership of Moki Charles Linonge organized a training workshop for journalists to mark World Press Freedom Day.Holding on the theme“Social Media Network”,the training brought together over 100 participants of both journalists and corporate communicators.

Moki Charles Linonge as president of CAMASEJ Douala has been encouraging professional specialization.To prove this,he organized a workshop on economy reporting in partnership with American Language centre in Douala.Journalist learned from experts how to investigate and report economy issues.

The leadership of Moki Charles Linonge has a fixed calender of monthly professional exchanges called “Professional Corner”. A professional touch in CAMASEJ Douala that has attracted many journalists seeking to learn more in the challenging profession of ours.Professional corner each month,the president invites and most often singlehandedly finance experts to drill journalists.

The Douala Chapter with Moki Charles Linonge at the helm is currently negotiating partnership deals with several companies and diplomatic missions in Cameroon on how to accompany not only English speaking journalists in Douala but the entire country to change the narrative of reporting in Cameroon.

Moki Charles has tirelessly defended the rights of journalists whose rights are being suppressed

Moki Charles Linonge believes in the protection of English speaking journalists whom he refers fondly as “endangered species”. He has always mobilized members to defend their rights. A glaring example was in November 2018 when Moki Charles Linonge stood his grounds for the release of Mimi Mefo;a journalist jailed for few days for practicing her profession.While stressing that journalists should be professionals,he believes that the place of a journalist is to report freely and not in jail.

The Moki led executive in Douala ahead of World Press Freedom Day 2019 held talks with the governor of the Littoral region. Moki Charles Linonge enumerated the challenges faced by journalists in the littoral region. From arbitrary arrest and detention, poor salaries, problem of access to public information, torture and many more. Worries Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboa promised to look into for a better media landscape for English speaking journalists.

With Moki Charles Linonge at the helm of decision in CAMASEJ Douala chapter,the human face of the association has been glaring to members and non members.In his own words “CAMASEJ is a family.We have succeeded to transform this association to a family.This means we share the pains and joy of each member with mutual respect of our status”.

There is a health partnership with the Presbyterian hospital in Douala where members of the association receive free screening tests.Members are screened for over 10 different health complications.Moki Charles Linongue believes that only a healthy journalist can produce good reports that will improve the society.

He has equally organized members to donate blood to safe the lifes of patients in some hospitals.

With the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis, CAMASEJ Douala Chapter has been by the side of internally displaced persons.Mola Moki as he is affectionately called by members has championed several visits to IDPS in different quarters in Douala.

The chapter has been to “Bois de singes”,Ndobo Bonaberi and other places with material and financial assistance.

CAMASEJ Douala today has not only succeeded to bring in more members, empower them professionally and assist the needy in the society but the chapter has friendly ties with other chapters in the country.

Recently,some executive members of CAMASEJ Bamenda Chapter paid a visit in Douala aimed at sharing experience on how to move forward not only chapters but the national association forward.

Veteran journalist, Solomon Amabo endorses Moki Charles

Moki Charles Linonge is the selfless leader determined to render his service for a better and more vibrant Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists–CAMASEJ.

Therefore,casting your vote for the visionary team that he leads means you are voting for the future of excellent journalism in Cameroon.

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