National And International News Roundup – Tuesday, November 26, 2019

There have been mixed reactions in Nkambe, North West Region of Cameroon, after a decision from the DO urging all primary and secondary school teachers to resume school Monday, December 2, 2019. DO Laurent Che in a release says teachers have abandoned and deserted schools and the community. The teachers complain of rising insecurity amid violence between the military and Ambazonian fighters.

Some students of Government Bilingual High School Nkambe have been in captivity for over one month. They were kidnapped by suspected Ambazonian fighters on October 15, 2019. According to one of the students released a few days ago, the military on the day of their abduction rescued two girls, while several others were taken away by the fighters.

The Popular Action Party (PAP) says the decision by Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party, CRM to boycott next year’s twin elections in Cameroon is patriotic and proof of the party’s solidarity with the plight of the people in the restive North West and Southwest regions. PAP President, Njang Denis Tabe issued a statement today.

Critics of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement political party have described the boycott move as political frustration. The CRM president, Maurice Kamto has however maintained that a transparent election with the ongoing armed conflict in Anglophone Cameroon and electoral code is impossible.

Thirteen political parties have deposited documents for the February 2020 parliamentary and municipal elections. Officials at Elections Cameroon, ELECAM made the announcement today, a day after the deadline to deposit files of candidates.

It has been an all-day shooting in Kikaikom in Bui Division in the North West region of Cameroon. People living in Mbve village say military trucks drove to the area early this Tuesday morning. They were reportedly after an Ambazonian commander called “general Chacha” who is believed to be living in Kikaikom area.

Campaigns have intensified ahead of the elective general assembly of Cameroon Association of English-Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) President. Two candidates are vying for the post of the leadership of the prestigious professional association. Moki Charles Linonge, current president of CAMASEJ Douala and Viban Jude leading CAMASEJ Yaounde. English speaking journalists have been reading through the manifestos of both candidates. The media landscape according to many needs professionalism and protection from state Censorship. The election takes place on Saturday.

The population of Douala 3 municipality has complained of bad roads, abandoned garbage heaps and high crime wave. Chiefs of some of the villages in area tabled their concerns to the visiting new divisional officer.

After failing to attain his initial target of 300 councils and 90 members of parliament in the upcoming twin election, Serge Espoire Matomba and his PURS political Party have settled for 45 councils and 12 MPs. At the end of the dateline to deposit documents for the upcoming municipal and legislative elections, the party succeeded to secure 45 and 12 files to run for the council and legislative elections respectively.

The place of the opposition in the South region of Cameroon has again come under discussions after the release of data collected by ELECAM ahead of the 2020 twin election. Apart from the Ocean Division with two opposition parties challenging the CPDM, the ruling party is running alone in the entire region. Out of a total of 8 council areas In the Mvila, the opposition, SDF and NUDP are only present in Ngoulemakong and Efoulan respectively. The 8 councils in the Dja and Lobo, and 4 in the Ntem valley have only received files from the ruling CPDM. The South Region like the Centre Region is the strong the stronghold of the 86-year-old, Paul Biya.

Manjo residents are still in shock after an accident this evening killed three students and a bike rider. The students of Government High School Manjo were on their way home when the tragedy occurred on the Dibombe bridge.

Some 17 persons are currently receiving treatment at the Mbanga District hospital after sustaining severe injuries in an accident in Mbanga earlier today. Local sources say the incident resulted from a collision between a 30-seater bus, and two 17 seaters mini-buses. The 30-seater-bus was heading had left Mbouda to Douala.

Ngala Gerard, CPDM Section President for Donga Mantung 1 says inhabitants of the North West and Southwest regions of Cameroon have proven that they are fed up with the lies of what he referred to as “so-called pro-independence struggle”. “I don’t walk with the military while in Nkambe; if my people cannot protect me in my place,  military officers cannot protect me. I went to Tabinken even without a military officer around me,  and you saw my communion with my people” he declared on “Talking Point” on Equinox Television.

Teaching and learning have gone operational in Tabenken village, Donga Mantung division, North West region of Cameroon, after three years. Villagers say they have been motivated by members of the peace sensitization caravan which visited recently. Classes in most parts of the Anglophone regions have been grounded for three years now.

Drivers and bike riders in Ndop, Ngohketunjia Division organised a protest today over numerous checkpoints on the Ndop Bamenda road. They complained of exhortations from security forces, threatening to increase transportation costs by close to 50%. The outcome of a crisis meeting with soldiers is yet to be made public.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea has reiterated that one of the goals of the institution, is to give other privately own higher institutions under her mentorship best of expertise for them to be up to standard. In Cameroon, it is generally believed graduates are part of society’s problems, not solutions. Professor Horace Manga, the University of Buea Vice Chancellor was speaking recently at the board room of the central administration, during a meeting with other scholars and authorities.

The authorities in Nigeria say they’ve arrested the head of a maximum-security prison and a doctor working thereafter an internet fraudster was able to carry out a $1m (£800,000) scam whilst serving a lengthy sentence. Olusegun Aroke was originally arrested in 2012 and was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and forgery.

Three UK nationals have been arrested after they landed at the main international airport in Mauritius with heroin hidden in their stomachs. Police say they had been carrying more than 3.3kg (7lb 5oz) of heroin worth about $1.4m (£1m), police allege. The men are still in hospital and have not yet been brought to court.

A senior anti-corruption official in Liberia has quit, citing the government’s failure to pay his salary and benefits. “I have never had this experience in my professional life and never am I prepared to endure this nonsense. I cannot and will not never work without pay,” Barnard Nagbe – the comptroller at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission said in his resignation letter.

Algerian students have taken to the streets of the capital, Algiers, ahead of next month’s presidential election, in a continuation of protests that began last February. About 1,000 demonstrators who took part in the march called for a free and democratic Algeria.

At least 15 people have died and hundreds have been left homeless in heavy flooding in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Heavy downpours on Monday evening have damaged homes, roads and bridges. Search is still underway for missing persons.

African football legend Samuel Eto’o says he wants to use his business management studies at Harvard Business School in the USA to give back to Africa. Eto’o believes crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the United States for business education will help his quest to give back to the continent. The four-time African Player of the Year winner announced his retirement from football at the age of 38 in September. He announced plans to return to school during a TV debate this month in Cameroon. (Foreign News Source: BBC Africa)

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