Preparations upbeat for grand launch of Cameroon movie: “Therapy”

As weeks narrow to days, the entire crew of much anticipated Cameroon movie ‘Therapy’ are finalising preparations for the grand launch.

The producer of the soon to be released movie, Sakah Antoine says his team’s output is promising, despite the challenges faced in the movie industry as a whole.

Like other producers, the principal obstacle he says is finance, bearing in mind that producing a movie entails alot of costs.

THERAPY team on set

Another key challenge peculiar to the Cameroon movie landscape Antoine adds is the infrastructure including buildings and sites for shooting “some movie types”.

“After the stress of movie production, one needs to distribute the movie on platforms that will be beneficial to the consumers and the producers” he adds, noting that every phase poses its unique challenges.

Despite all these, he remains optimistic and hopeful that ‘Therapy’ which is about to hit the stands does not only “inspire, it should also bring out a concept that is neglected within the African setting”: culture and ways of coping with life’s challenges.

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