Kumba City Council seals shops to paralyse lockdown

The Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council (KCC) on Tuesday September 3, 2019 sealed all shops at the Kumba Main Market.

Victor Ngoh Nkelle told the press that the decision is to punish traders that are respecting a lock down imposed by separatist fighters.

To the government delegate, the political tension in Cameroon has nothing to do with traders and thus nothing explains their decision to keep their shops closed on a normal working day.

Besides sealing the shops, the government delegate has stated that each trader at the Kumba Main market will have to pay the sum of FCFA
25.000 before a shop is opened.

Questioned on why the city council is sealing shops when the lives of traders are not secured if they open their shops, Victor Ngoh Nkelle says the continous respect of lockdown by traders in Kumba has been a big setback in the income of the City Council.

It is unclear if the government delegate and his team of security and administrative officials will equally carry out the same action at the Fiango Market and other Markets in the chief town of Meme Division.

Note that there were gunshots in Kake 2 Quarter this morning that scared many to remain in their houses.

Kumba in Meme division remains one of those hot zones of clashes between restoration forces and the military in the South West Region of Cameroon.

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