Kumba Market Fire Cause ‘Unraveled’

The population of Kumba was taken aback today after a fire burnt down part of their main market.

Locals also noted hearing sounds thought at the time to be gunshots, leaving them in more fear.

The fire rescue unit, however, showed up and quenched the flames before it could go out of hand.

The cause, it has been revealed, was “an electric fault”. “Before now, the shops there have been witnessing unstable lights due to poor connections, ” a trader at the market said.

“Most of the vendors there were complaining of the frequent on and off lights there. At times they preferred using generator even when there were lights,” a source tells MMI.

The sounds thought to be gunshots earlier too were those of whiskey bottles exploding as a result of the fire.

The incident caused a scare leaving locals in more fear as the lockdown imposed by Ambazonian separatists ahead of tomorrow’s election ensues.

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