Military raids, kills, burns more houses in Ikata

Within three years of Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis, houses in over a hundred villages have been burnt down as government battles Ambazonian separatists.

Despite a national dialogue last year and a special status promised for the North West and South West regions, the fighting has intensified leaving over three thousand people dead according to Crisis Group.

Following President Biya’s promise on new year’s eve to crack down harder on Ambazonian fighters if they fail to drop their arms, many more villages have been attacked with houses burnt and locals shot dead.

Days to Sunday’s twin elections, another raid was conducted in Ikata, Muyuka in the South West region.

The raid, which is not the first of its kind since the start of this year, left several houses burnt to ashes and more residents shot dead. Residents say the military is responsible.

Several houses were razed in Ikata

A recent video on social media shows the few residents that were able to flee for their safety mourning those lost. The amateur video also shows them weep over their losses as entire houses were lost.

In addition to the alleged military action taken in the village, inhabitants of other parts of the Anglophone regions are also in fear as gunshots and gun battles have rocked most towns as the lockdown imposed by Ambazonian separatists persists.

Despite being accused of these killings and burnings and more rights violations since the crisis escalated into an armed conflict, government officials have always maintained that the soldiers act professionally and do not harm the local population.

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