Kupe Muanenguba: Mbabe Women demand the release of their husbands

Close to a hundred men and boys have been arrested in a village called Mbabe, in Tombel sub division Kupe Muanenguba Division in the South West region.

They have been taken to Tombel for detention. A source has confirmed that military men on board six military trucks stormed the village at about 4:00 am Monday September 9th 2019 arresting men of between fifteen and fifty years.

Women of Mbade village have trekked to Tombel to demand for the release of their husbands and brothers. To the women, the men and boys arrested are innocent of accusations of having links with separatist fighters.

Following the demand of the women, a few persons arrested have been released but a majority remain under detention.

Information indicates that Mbade village has once hosted an Ambazonian camp. Though the camp no longer exist, military men think the amba boys are now living with the villagers. Amongst those arrested, persons suspected of being former amba boys are amongsr and being tortured by soldiers.

Today is ghost town in Tombel sud division just like in other parts of the restive North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

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