Urgent! Mancho and co slammed additional jail sentences for “masterminding” prison protest

They were 46 of them awaiting trial after 9 others were declared not guilty last week and acquitted.

Judges at the Ekounou Court of First Instance ruled that Mancho and other English speaking Cameroonians were guilty of masterminding the August 22, 2019 prison protest in Kondengui, Yaounde.
“Babila Vena, Awah Thomas and Nana Serge ( Kamto’s Supporter) were Sentenced to 3years imprisonment each,” a source informed Mimi Mefo Info.

“While Mancho and the other Anglophones and supporter of Prof. Maurice Kamto were jailed For 2years each,” he added.

“Two Francophones were declared not guilty and freed from the charges,” our source also said.

Mancho Bibixy, Ngalim Felix, Tsi Conrad, Thomas Awah Junior (journalist who is unwell) and a host of others including some CRM militants were being grilled on the July 22, 2019 protest in prison. They were accused of burning prison structures, attempting to escape jail, attacking former regime barons like Ephraim Inoni, Olanguena Owona amongst others.

The hearing which began August 23, 2019, at 10:00 had suffered atleast four adjournments.

Mancho Bibixy was in May 2018 sentenced to 15 years in prison for rebellion and acts of terrorism. Others like Tsi Conrad, Ngalim Felix, Thomas Awah Junior were equally given over 10-year jail terms each.

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