Arrested Buea-based blogger, Samgwa Fabrice, released after undergoing torture.

Samgwa Fabrice has been released after several hours of detention in Buea in the South West region of Cameroon. The blogger popularly known as Barrister Samgwa De Critic was amongst several people bundled this morning at Mile 17 Park in Buea by the military and transported to their camp.

Samgwa Fabrice has told Mimi Mefo Info that those arrested were tortured at the military camp. “They forced us to carry stones,tyres and other heavy equipments. I and others were ordered to roll on sharp pointed gravels at the army camp”.

To the blogger,some of those tortured Monday September 9th 2019 have sustained injuries. The military accused them of working for amba boys by moving around on ghost town day to identify those defying lockdown to report to amba boys.
The blogger has denied allegations that his arrest was linked to his profession.

Meantime, while ghost town was effectively observed in the Southern part of Buea that include Molyko Bunduma, Ndongo and mile 16 , other quarters like Great Soppo, Clerks Quarter and Buea Town had activities taking place unperturbed.

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