Landmark trial of Prof. Maurice Kamto and allies opens today

Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political Party and allies of the CRM coalition are expected to appear in court today in what has been termed as a decisive hearing since their arrest earlier this year.

The trial that has attracted wide attention from within and out of Cameroon is already creating an impact on the Yaounde military Court premises this morning.

Reports from Yaounde talk of an important deployment of police officers at strategic points leading to the court premises.

Tens of police men have been positioned at every joint from Carrefour Intendance (Intendance Junction) to the Yaounde military Court, passing through the Yaounde Air Force base and Carrefour Jaco (Jaco Junction).

Yaounde inhabitants say there are signs that hundreds of Kamto’s supporters and sympathisers are due to storm the court premises.

Prof. Maurice Kamto, one of Cameroon’s renowned lawyer will be tried alongside the following:
1)Fogue Tedom Alain
2)Abe Abe Gaston Phillipe alias Valsero
3)DJAMEN Ndjamo Celestin
4)Dzongang Albert
5)Kingue Paul Eric
6)PENDA Ekoka Christian
7)NDOCKI Michelle Sonia Martine (Lawyer)
8)TASSA Andre Marie (Lawyer)
9)MUTAGHA Sylvanus TIFUH….and 142 other Militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement

The above named accused persons are charged before this public martial court for offenses of

  1. Insurrection
  2. Hostilities against the Fatherland
  3. Resistance
  4. Damage to Public property
  5. Unlawful Assembly
  6. Destruction
  7. Riot
  8. Contempt of the President Republic, punishable by the Cameroon Penal Code.

Mimi Mefo Info approached Barrister at law, Tamfu Richard to find out about the implications of today’s hearing.

“The peculiarities of today’s case are that Maurice Kamto who appears to have been ranked 2nd according to the official results of the last October 2018 presidential election in Cameroon was the main opponent to President Paul Biya who has been in power for more than 37 years,” Barrister Tamfu told Mimi Mefo Info.

“Today’s hearing seems to be a political revenge to clear off Maurice Kamto and his allies from the political scene. These are civilians who are standing trial before a Military Tribunal whereas Cameroon has ratified international treaties and conventions forbidden the trial of civilians in a Military Tribunal even the constitution of Cameroon clearly incorporate these international instruments,” Tamfu said.

“We all remember he was arrested in January when he was denouncing an electoral hold up stop the killings in the anglophone regions stop the embezzlement of public funds when the hosting rights of the nation cup was withdrawn from Cameroon and you name the rest. He is accused over imaginary offenses because the protest was peaceful,” he added.

A habeas corpus case filed at the Mfoundi and then at the Appeal courts by Kamto’s lawyers were rejected.

“Kamto’s lawyers may raise some preliminary objections that will warrant the court to adjourn the matter or the military court be it as it may can proceed if Prof Kamto stay mute in court,” another legal mind said.

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