Lawyer reveals incarcerated Abdul Karim is hale and hearty

Abdul Karim’s lawyer, Barrister Tamfu Richard has paid him a visit at the Secretary of State for Defense, SED where he is being held.

“Physically and mentally, Abdul Karim Ali is fine and strong” the legal mind explained.

Abdul Karim he added is “accused for acts of apology of terrorism, financing and complicity in the financing of terrorism and lastly secession”.

38-years-old Abdul Karim Ali was arrested on September 25 2019, in Yaounde, Capital of Cameroon, barely after his return from a conference in Switzerland.

After being held incommunicado for days, there were fears about his physical and mental health conditions, due to the detention conditions.

Following Karim’s arrest as he was returning from a working session with the Humanitarian Center for Dialogue which is trying to mediate in the Anglophone Crisis, “his phones, laptop and gadgets given to him at the workshop in Swiss talks have been seized” Barrister Tamfu added.

Rights groups and individuals have termed Abdul’s arrest arbitrary, asking that he be freed.

The scholar who has been very critical of the government’s handling of the Anglophone Crisis is one of several others detained for similar charges.

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