Strange but true: Ambazonia fighters in Njinikom declare education compulsory

Separatist fighters in Njinikom, Boyo Division of Cameroon’s North West Region wants all children of school age to return to school.

After three years of practically no school in the greater part of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, the boys say children need to be educated.

In a video circulating on the social media, a leader of the fighters in a speech delivered in a meeting grouping villagers of Njinikom, he assures the people that a <<community secondary school>> will be opened while the Cameroon Baptist Convention primary school Njinikom will resume.

To the fighters, education will be compulsory for all children of school age arguing that children need to be educated to manage the affairs of the area when they gain independence. They have equally promised the recruitment of competent teachers while preventing parents in the area from sending their kids to French speaking parts of Cameroon for school.

On the just ended national dialogue, the fighters say it has nothing to do with Ambazonia stating that what they want is terms of negotiations on how the separation will take place.

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