Lawyers Appeal Military Court Life Jail For Ambazonia Leaders

Lawyers defending the 10 Ambazonian leaders who were given life sentences have appealed the August 20, 2019 ruling by the military court.

They filed a petition to the Military Tribunal today. “The court has acknowledged acceptance of the appeal,” Barrister Amungwa Tanyi Nicodemous, Media and Communication Chairman of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and co said.
“We’ve been notified with the Certificate of Appeal and other documents confirming our appeal. Consequently we have 15 days from tomorrow to file our Grounds and Memorandum of Appeal,” he said.

“We’ve also been informed that by Monday we’ll be notified with the Conditions of Appeal which include payment of a whooping sum of 5 000 000 frs (Five Millions francs) CFA for production of Records of Proceedings,” he added.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and 9 other Ambazonian leaders arrested in Nigeria on January 2018 were on August 20, 2019 slammed life sentences. They were found guilty of acts of terrorism, rebellion against the state, propagation of false information among other charges.

Lawyers appeal life sentence of Ambazonian leaders

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