Transport vehicles burnt, vandalised for violating Ambazonia lockdown in Ndop

Pro independence fighters Wednesday, August 28, 2019 went out themselves to enforce a lockdown call.

One Dina-100 was burnt while two drivers of Ndop Drivers Union had their cars vandalised by the fighters, Mimi Mefo Info was told.

“The glasses of the vehicles driven by Ban Boy and Njoya were shattered,” a source in Ndop told Mimi Mefo info.

Our source added that: “These vehicles violated the lockdown order and went to Bamenda and the Restoration forces allowed them to go. And upon their return, the restoration forces dealt with them at Mile 25”.
“As this incident happened Ban Boy saw an Armored Car coming and instead went but to it.”
Restoration forces are now asking Ban Boy why he will feel safer in the hands of the military.
“Between the La Republic military and the Restoration forces, which one does he think can better provide security to him? Or is it the military that paid him to spoil the struggle? Time will tell for he may be a secret black leg. Investigations are opened on these drivers . They are not yet free,” he said.
“The Dina-100 is burnt and not given first warning because military have been using it. We advised you to respect the shutdown period. Wasting time is over. Else be ready to dance for the drum is still playing,” our informant concluded.

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