Lawyers strike: Momo Jean de Dieu hits back at Barrister Yondo Black, says Bar Council transformed into opposition party

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Momo Jean de Dieu has accused Barrister Yondo Black of inciting the Bar council to revolt against the state. This was in a close to 2500 word document Momo Jean de Dieu wrote in response to the activist’s open letter Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice, Laurent ESSO.

Stating that he had once had consideration and admiration for Barrister Yondo in the early years at the Bar, Momo said his teachings had been flawed. Barrister Yondo Black who is former Bar President, had earlier backed Kamto’s candidacy and asked Paul Biya to acknowledge his victory.

“The first President of the Bar Association, whom you admire a lot [Gorgi Dinka] … is not only an opponent of the political regime of Cameroon, but the founding father and father of the secession that kills our people in the NOSO today” his response read.

These same “Ambaboys, under your applause, bury alive old women guilty of letting their children go to school. This is, Mr. Yondo Black, your model you sold to us young lawyers” he added.

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice among other issues also cited Minister Laurent ESSO’s November 22 2016 consultation with the lawyers stating that “all the problems related to the functioning of justice as well as the translation of the OHADA Acts into English” had been discussed.

“Nevertheless, they had gone on strike and led the North-West and Southwest into the Civil War, which continues to this day. One may wonder what lawyers really want” he went on.

Momo Jean de Dieu’s recent write up it should be noted came a few moments to the ongoing lawyers’ nationwide strike finally holding after government failed to completely grant their requests.

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