“Let’s end tribalism; in prison, there is no Bamileke, no Anglophone, no Bulu” – Ernest Obama

Vision 4 journalist, Ernest Obama is finally a free man. After spending a week behind bars, he has been released on what is believed to be orders from his Vision 4 boss, and business tycoon, Amougou Belinga.

At 30 minutes to midnight, Ernest Obama posted an image of himself on his Facebook page captioned “free again”.

This was followed by a series of pictures of Amougou Belinga he captioned “Papa”. He went ahead to post articles on his page, including a response he had once made to French president, Emmanuel Macron, asking for forgiveness.

What has however caught the attention of many, is what seems to be a U-turn in his stance. The pressman known to have issued some utterances against Anglophones in the past relating to the ongoing war in the North West and South West regions called for an end to tribalism.

“Let’s end tribalism. In prison there is no Bamileke, no Anglophone, no Bulu,” he wrote. While some have received the pressman’s apparent new stance with open hands, others believe he deserves worst.

“At one point success got to your … Know that being from a community does not allow you to despise and insult others” one social media user wrote.

“So did you have to take a trip to SED to understand that?” asked another.

At press time, it remains unknown whether Obama will regain his position at Anecdote newspaper as he was accused of high level betrayal, abuse of confidence and mismanagement of company funds.

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