Kumbo military truck explosion video: False accusation lands a married father of one in trouble

Victor has been a victim of an alleged sabotage by a certain lady called Bekindaka Joybright, who framed a story up accusing him of posting the video showing the military vehicle being exploded in Kumbo.

The lady, who followed up her sabotages by further posting images of an arrested Victor on her Facebook page demanding Victor should be killed, was the one who alerted the military.

Bekindaka Joybright as revealed by Victor’s relatives has a track record of mental instability with proven medical reports.
Victor is now being paraded as a terrorist by the military as the person behind the video that made waves on social media some few days ago, showing a military vehicle being exploded in Kumbo, Bui Division.

He is currently under military custody which has indefinitely concluded that he is one of the voices behind the video. Relatives of the victim have strongly denied the claims being made by the military.
“Victor was feeding his little boy in the kitchen when the military suddenly appeared and arrested him along with many others, accusing them of being responsible for the circulation of the video which showed a military vehicle being exploded in Kumbo,” insinuates a relative.

It is revealed that the accused only returned from his trip on a Saturday, and then Monday he got arrested “the military themselves can attest to the fact that the voice behind the video is not Victor’s”

Victor is the only source of livelihood for his s

It is becoming increasingly worrying as to what might possibly happen to Victor. His pictures have already been uploaded online as the perpetrator behind the act.
“Victor is not a terrorist. He is innocent, he should be released now,” his relatives have insisted.

He was the owner of a restaurant in Kumbo which was very functional and successful, but the crisis had its toll on the business.
Victor’s neighbor from whose house the video was filmed has also been taken by the military and the pair tagged on social media as Ambazonian terrorists.

Their names and other information have already been revealed online as public enemy.
Relatives of Victor say the military had initially promised to release him, but things later on got more complicated. “We are not even assured of his security even if he gets released now because people might surely want to kill him now wherever they might possibly see him,” his family lamented.

Victor is father of a young boy who entirely depends on him.

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