Marche Mboppi fire victims say government has failed to keep its promises

Traders at the Mboppi market in Douala say government has failed to live up to promises it made after a fire ravaged part of the market.

Following the November 11 2019 incident, Territorial Administration Minister Atanga Nji Paul visited the market and promised something would be done to help those affected. But since then, traders say, authorities are still to keep to their promise.

Talking to MMI, Alex Ndi (names withheld for security reasons) said “we now use only generators which causes us to spend a lot on petrol”. Those who can’t afford generators or the cost of running them he adds, have no option than endure the heat.

Marche Mboppi traders using generators as alternative power supply means

“Even the president of the market just bought her own generator meaning there are no hopes of bringing back lights” Alex adds.

The fire incident at Douala Mboppi market it should be recalled consumed two electric poles and caused a lot of material damages.

It was not the first of it’s kind.

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