Menstrual cups distributed to improve comfort of women during periods

Some 100 women in Yaounde have received menstrual cups to enable them manage their menstrual periods.

This is a combined initiative of the Bridgers Association Cameroon in alliance with Iron Kids of the World.

The introduction and distribution of the menstrual cups to girls and young women in Cameroon comes as a sustainable and environmental friendly method of menstruation management.

“The cup – shaped sanitary device made of medical grade silicon is inserted in the vagina cavity during menstruation to collection menstrual blood,” explains
Azah Jackline Chey, Co- Founder and General Coordinator of Bridgers Association Cameroon, initiator of the project.
“Unlike tampons and other measures that absorb blood, the cup collects, making it reusable,” Azah Jackline adds.

Menstrual cups and reusable pads

Apart from being cost-friendly, menstrual cups prevent leakages, are easy-to-use and durable.

Still a novelty in underdeveloped countries like Cameroon, health experts stress that unlike some other menstrual management methods, the cup also provides comfort as it can be used for longer hours and even while asleep.

“Easy to use, it is folded and inserted in the vagina cavity. Once it gets in it opens and take the shape of the vagina and collects all the blood,” says the initiator.

According to Azah Jackline Chey, the project initiator, “the distribution of these cups was accompanied by thorough menstrual hygiene education to unravel the taboo surrounding menstruation discussions especially among young girls”.

Prior to the donations, the Bridgers team was trained on the 10th of December 2019 and the female team members all received their cups.

More recently, the team also trained women and girls as well the staff of the Divisional Delegation of social affairs for the Mefou and Afamba divisions, Centre region of the country.

To Jackline, “these beneficiaries would henceforth be ambassadors of the menstrual cups in Cameroon”.

Azah Jackline Chey, Co- Founder and General Coordinator of Bridgers Association Cameroon

Given free of charge, she says “We at Bridgers Association Cameroon and Iron Kids of the World intend that the menstrual cups should be known and used all over Cameroon”.

“We are calling on stakeholders and well wishers to partner with us to see how these cups could be made available in Cameroon to be donated and even sold to those who can afford” she adds.

How to contact initiators of the project:-
Tel: 674662893/677334674

+(237) 6791 35573 Donate

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