Mob Justice: Thief Cheats Death In Yaounde

A thief has narrowly escaped death in Yaoundé at the Kartier Mimboman Maetur Nkolo 2.

It was at about 6.00pm Tuesday when two of the thieves stopped a bike at Terminus Mimboman and said they we heading to Mimboman Maetur.
On reaching Mimboman Maetur, they took the bike rider to a dark corner where their colleague thief was on hand to receive them.

They took out a knife and pointed at the bike rider an told him to surrender his bike or they kill him.

Fearing for his life, the bike rider surrendered the bike and ran for his dear life.

Two of the three thieves sped off on board the bike while their third colleague was trying to find his way.
Unfortunately for him, he was caught by quarter boys who gave him snake beatings which almost sent him to his early grave if not for the intervention of elements of the Mimboman Gendarmerie brigade who took him away.

It should be noted that this is the second time a bike rider is being deprived of his bike in Mimboman.

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