Moki Charles Linonge: A test of true leadership

The countdown to an elective general assembly of the Cameroon Association of English speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ narrows to Saturday November 30th. Members of the association will be critical of what a candidate can offer if elected to the prestigious post of the national president of the association.

One of the candidates is Moki Charles Linonge. As president of CAMASEJ Douala chapter, strict observers say he has proven his worth in building the intellectual capacity of journalists and their protection and thus ripe to handle the association at the national level.

As a president of CAMASEJ Douala,the leadership of Moki Charles Linonge believes in the total protection of journalists in the face of a regime that is against freedom of expression and the free exercise of journalism as a profession in Cameroon.To Mola Moki as he is fondly called, the place of a journalist is in his or her area of work and not in jail.
Continuous training of journalists to enhance professionalism is one of the cardinal points of Moki’s leadership at the helm of Douala Chapter.

Under his stewardship, Douala has organized seminars on several fields of reporting including economy, social media network and reporting in times of crisis.Trainings that have empowered journalists in their respective newsrooms.This he says should be extended at the national level when he becomes the national president of CAMASEJ.

To Moki,his visionary team is to apply what he calls the “ATAN Model” to make CAMASEJ a veritable advocate of quality journalism in Cameroon and beyond.In the model, the humble servant talks of Advocacy,Training,Awareness and Networking (ATAN Model).
With the current crisis in Cameroon,Moki’s leadership prowess at Douala chapter equally shown its human face as the association reached out to over three hundreds internally displaced persons.

As English speaking journalists converge on Douala this weekend, there is that burning desire to see CAMASEJ at the national level move from its current position of near dormancy to an active and vibrant professional association as what is obtained in Anglo-Saxon countries with a veritable visionary leader at the helm.

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