Muea: Five boys killed, bodies abandoned in slaughter house

There is security uncertainty in Muea, a locality situated in the outskirts of Buea, capital of the South West region of Cameroon.
Locals in a telephone interview have been recounting to Mimi Mefo Info of five bodies of alleged separatist fighters that have been abandoned in a slaughter house.

A resident has mentioned that “…some of the amba boys told us that military men killed five people believed to be amba fighters and kept the bodies in a slaughter house. Then the military sat there waiting to attack other fighters that may come out of the bush to retrieve the bodies”.

A claim of military involvement in the killings that Mimi Mefo Info cannot independently confirm.
To inhabitants of Muea, they saw amba fighters relocating in another area after the incident at about 5:30p.m. Wednesday November 27, 2019.

In Muea, residents say gun battles between restoration forces and the military is a daily exercise. “There are some quarters that have been totally abandoned because of constant threats from the military and fighters,” a resident adds.
In a military telegram circulating on the social media, it indicates that the army launched attacks in Muea killing six ambazonia boys and seized local weapons, telephones, electronic gadgets, national identity cards and other valuables. The telegram precises that objects taken are those of innocent civilians that have been victims of terrorist attacks by the boys.

Uneasy calm now reigns in Muea but with fears of interruption at any time.

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