MRC Condemns Bui/ Donga Mantung Massacres, demands probe

The MRC party has expressed its dissatisfaction over the recent killings in some divisions of the restive North West region.

“Shocking images circulating on the social media are evident of grave crime against humanity in general and human procreation in particular. These are undoubtedly criminal acts orchestrated by individuals who harbor an ignominious genocidal project” a statement from the party’s communication unit states.

Calling the Anglophone crisis “a project of bloody cynicism”, the party says it strongly condemns the violence, expressing its condolences to the victims.

“We hold the military and civilian leadership at the helm of the dictatorial regime in Cameroon responsible. Crimes, the horror of which are commensurate with paroxysm of barbarism with no consideration for human dignity” the party asserts.

It is for this reason the party says that it “calls for a thorough investigation so that those identified to be directly responsible for these crimes are brought to justice”.

“Never again should our republican military or any armed group be involved in this level of human degradation against pregnant women and children in particular and the civilian population in general ” it urges..

“There remains a civilian population including women and children caught in the crossfire between two belligerent forces. The MRC calls on the respect of the human dignity of this population.
The MRC expresses its desire that a national memorial service be organized for all victims of the killings that started in 2016 at the appropriate time” the message reads.

The MRC’s call is one of many others since the unfortunate incident government has denied to talk about.

Over thirty were killed by soldiers who also set their homes ablaze. The victims included women and kids.

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