MRC hails, stings government over measures to fight coronavirus

Days after the Cameroon government announced 13 measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the MRC leader, Maurice Kamto has lauded the initiative.

In a statement on the pandemic, Kamto says the moves by government “clearly show that the regime
has returned from its illusions, from its continued denial, in the face of the problems facing our country; it is now to be hoped that it takes the real picture of the situation.”

Adding that “they are likely to
preserve the health of Cameroonians in the face of this fearsome epidemic”, Kamto says it however has number of shortcomings including the lack of preparedness of hotels set for quarantining.

“The non-preparation of Treatment Centres for people infected by the coronavirus” he adds goes with the “Non-compliance with containment measures by certain people, including public officials.”

Among measures proposed by the politician, is the creation of quarantine camps dedicated to monitoring suspected or confirmed people infected with Covid-19.

“These could be hospitals or requisitioned classrooms, exclusively devoted to monitoring cases of this epidemic, and placed under the surveillance of the police. As such, a requisition of 2nd category forces may prove necessary, depending on the development of the situation, to ensure strict compliance with security rules and the surveillance of quarantine camps” he says.

Other measures he adds are the “free and systematic testing for all suspected cases, as well as simplifying their acquisition procedures and fair distribution of tests according to actual demand” and “the creation of a National Commission in charge of the management of the Covid-19 epidemic and the protection of Cameroonians against this disease.”

Demanding that actual figures for those already infected be published, Kamto says “I also request that measures be taken to support economic operators as well as households whose activities will be affected by the measures taken by the Government. The protection of people and property is a sovereign task of the State. I will be particularly attentive to these support measures.”

The MRC he went on “is ready to contribute to the implementation of an appropriate national response
to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.”

“We are a Great Nation! despite all those who humiliate it with governance of another age
and want to crumble it with inflamed hatred. With the efforts of each and every one, we will be able to get through this ordeal and be even stronger to meet our destiny, from which this adversity cannot turn us away. Let us be united and protect each other” he adds.


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