Cameroon: Water shortage may hamper efforts against coronavirus

The government of Cameroon on March 17 announced a series of measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

One of these measures includes the World Health Organization, WHO recommendation on the regular washing of hands.

Cameroonians have since expressed concerns, citing the regular shortage of water in major cities in the country.

Towns such as Yaounde and Douala that have had several complaints of lack of water as well as poor sanitary conditions are so far the most affected.

Talking to MMI, a resident of CitĂ© de la Paix, a neighbourhood around Mboppi in Douala says “it’s a pity for those in my neighbourhood and many others around Douala.

“For over two months now, we have had water flow just once, and the worst is that there is no other reliable alternative around,” he says, adding that “no authority seems to care or even explain to the population what is going on.”

“I wonder if there is someone somewhere in charge of making sure that citizens have even the most basic need (Water) at this point, I cry for my beloved land” the concerned resident laments.

“Since last year, the lone tap water in my neighbourhood in Bamenda has not had a single drop. We trek for kilometres to carry drinking water” another tells MMI.

Another social media in the restive South West region of Cameroon said: “In mamfe almost two months now no water or electricity even the municipal council can not take initiative to supply water even once or twice weekly. These people are struggling to have water”.

While hand sanitisers and handwashing points can be seen in some institutions and government offices following the spread of the virus in Cameroon, the masses seem to have been left to the mercy of the virus that keeps spreading like wildfire.


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