National And International News – 26th June 2020

Human Rights Watch researcher, Ilaria Allegrozzi has called on the Cameroon government to hasten the judicial process for members of the armed forces charged with the Ngarbuh massacre. The verdict she says matters a lot to Ngarbuh locals especially those whose land has been used for a military camp.

An ex-staff of the US embassy in Yaounde says his dismissal was unfair. Julius Banka Che who previously worked at the USA Embassy in Yaounde for almost ten years is alleging he was unfairly dismissed after he complained a senior colleague was sexually harassing him. The US Embassy maintains that he was fired for theft of US property which Julius refutes.

Late Chantier Naval GM, Alfred Nforgwei has a replacement. After the death of the anglophone elite, AKA’A NDI Roland Maxime, former deputy general manager has been appointed to replace him.

The French Ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Guilhou says 85% of news about him in Cameroon is false. Talking to reporters, he said activists say he has become the mouthpiece of President Paul Biya and have accused him of editing videos to deceive public opinion. All he does in Cameroon he notes, is “carry out his diplomatic functions”.

“Let’s end tribalism; in prison, there is no Bamileke, no Anglophone, no Bulu” these are the words of Vision 4 journalist, Ernest Obama. Just released from prison after a week, he was released on what is believed to be orders from his Vision 4 boss, and business tycoon, Amougou Belinga. At 30 minutes to midnight, Ernest Obama posted an image of himself on his Facebook page captioned “free again”.

Many have raised eyebrows over the arrest and detention of Vision 4 journalist, Ernest Obama. Examining the circumstances surrounding his arrest and release, there have since been claims that it was a set up to distract public opinion from seeking justice for late Samuel Wazizi who died in military custody.

Late Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam will be buried tomorrow. His remains were removed from CEFTA mortuary Ekounou in Yaounde today. The lawyer by profession and former parliamentarian from the Social Democratic Front Party passed away weeks back.

The vaccination of kids zero to 15 months against polio in the Littoral region and other parts of the country will continue despite Cameroon’s status as a polio free country. Officials of the delegation of public health in the Littoral told the press today in Douala.The health workers argue that with the progressive reopening of borders, the circulation of people from other countries remains a threat.

Cameroonian football lovers regret that the legacy of Marc Vivian Foe has not been uphold by government. Today marks 17 years since the Cameroon international footballer died on the pitch. The footballer died while Cameroon national football team was playing a semi final match against Columbia of FIFA confederation cup in France.

Multiple complaints of non payment of teachers of private schools in Douala since the beginning of coronavirus in Cameroon. To these teachers,proprietors access that they have not actually work since March 2020 when government shut down schools to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There will be a blackout tomorrow Saturday in the North West and part of Manyu division from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm. The lone electricity company says during this period of blackout repair work will be carried out at the Bamenda sub station.

After five days of sensitization talks on how to reconstruct the North West region of Cameroon, observers think the delegation headed by Paul Tasong has been talking to a few elites of the ruling party and not the entire population. Note that separatist fighters called for a lock down that observers say paralysed the talks.

Human rights watch says the anglophone crisis is on a deadlock with government and seperatists denying any form of dialogue. Speaking on Equinox television, Illaria Allegrozzy of Human Rights watch said the deadlock has unfortunately not stopped the cycle of killings which have intensified in the anglophone region. She fears that more abuses and crimes against civilians could be committed in the regions.

The court case pitting the state of Cameroon, against some anglophone detainees and the first national Vice President of the CRM party Mamadou Mota has been adjourned to june 30th 2020. According to close CRM sources, the hearing on the 30th is billed for 8am. It was adjourned because of the absence of an interpreter. They were arrested and sentenced after a prison riot at the Kondengui central prison.

A 65 year old man has been arrested in Douala for raping his 15 year old daughter on several occasions. According to reports, this evil act by the father had already begun when the girl in question was just 9 years old. The 65 old man had divorced with his wife legally and living with his little daughter whom he would on several occasions’ abuse sexually.

The city of Limbe has gotten a new Mayor. Madam Florence Eposi Mbwaye, who was previously a municipal councillor was voted by majority acclamation at the end of an extraordinary session of the municipal council meeting. Florence Eposi Mbwaye replaces late Mayor Mbua Mokako, who was elected after the February twin elections. He died on April 25, 2020.

The Minister delegate at the Ministry of Defence Joseph Beti Asomo has signed a decree promoting to higher ranks some non-commissioned militant forces. The list of those concerned is available at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).

Documents have emerged proving that “Amba Denis” was indeed a victim, arrested by the military in Ekona, because his name had an uncanny resemblance to the self – proclaimed separatist state “Ambazonia”. The arrest has met with widespread criticism from the press and some NGO’s saying the victim committed no crime and therefore should be released as soon as possible.

Gilbert Ngimndoh a Civil society actor has rubbished the presidential plan for the reconstruction and development of the North west and south west regions. Speaking on equinox television in Douala, Ngimndoh said the people chosen to head the PPRD are technically qualified gentlemen, but the project coming from a vicious government, lacks chronology

Inhabitants of the West region of Cameroon are blaming the rapid spread of COVID 19 on the Communication strategy of the government. They say the presence of COVID in rural communities of the region is a proof that the anti COVID 19 communication method and strategy of the government has failed. In several villages of the west region, people still attend funerals in huge numbers in gross violation of social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Libya’s state oil company says that Russian and other foreign mercenaries have moved into a major oilfield, called El Sharara, where it had been planning to restart production. Most of Libya’s oil facilities are located in areas under the control of the eastern-based renegade military General Khalifa Haftar, who is supported by Russia. But the National Oil Corporation said it rejected any attempt by foreign countries to prevent the resumption of production.

Although the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is yet to declare the final result from the re-run of the presidential election, early indications show that the incumbent Peter Mutharika is trailing behind his main rival Lazarus Chakwera. Mr Mutharika says there’s no winner or loser, and has refused to concede defeat. According to his running mate, Atupele Muluzi, who said he had been sent by Mutharika to address the media, the president is appealing to all his supporters to disregard reports that say he has lost the elections, saying they must wait for the MEC’s official announcement.

The United Nations’ human rights chief says 580 civilians have been killed so far this year in central Mali. Michelle Bachelet said the security situation was deteriorating, with multiple groups carrying out the killings.

There is mounting evidence of a new wave of desert locusts in East Africa, raisng fears of food insecurity. Earlier in the year, billions of the insects destroyed crops across the region – with the UN warning a second generation would be even more destructive.

Burundi’s former First Lady Denise Nkurunziza has told mourners at Gitega’s football stadium that her late husband Pierre Nkurunziza did “noble deeds”, and had “a good end and a peaceful death”. Mrs Nkurunziza had to leave her hospital bed in Kenya, where she was being treated for an undisclosed illness, a day after the government announced her husband’s death from a cardiac arrest on 9 June.

Mourners dressed in white have packed the stadium where the funeral of Burundi’s late leader Pierre Nkurunziza is taking place, two weeks after his sudden death. His body was escorted under heavy security from a hospital in the central city of Karuzi, with thousands of people heeding a call to line the road towards the ceremony in the capital Gitega.

Rwandan authorities have imposed a stay-at-home order in parts of the capital, Kigali, following a rise in new cases of coronavirus. People living in Gikondo Hill in Kicukiro District, and some parts of Mount Kigali in Nyarugenge district, have been ordered to “immediately stay home for a period of at least 15 days,” according to statement from the interior ministry.

Foreign news source: BBC

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