National and International News Roundup – 05 August 2019

  • Four killed in Muyuka in the South West.
  • Cardinal Tumi denounces wealth in the hands of the few.
  • An uneasy calm in Pendamboko after shooting.
  • Trucks ban from circulating in parts of Douala 

1 The trial of Ayuk Tabe Julius and Co. has been adjourned to the 19th of August 2019. This follows a serious tension at the military court yesterday.Members of the defense counsel stormed out of the court in anger. An adjournment was slated in their absence after disrupting court proceedings for close to an hour.

2 Four people shot dead in the town of Muyuka in the South West region of Cameroon Monday. Inhabitants say soldiers on board a military truck driving to Kumba committed the act.Information Mimi MefoInfo cannot independently confirm at the moment.

3 Sounds of gunshots in several quarters in Muyuka in the South west region of Cameroon. Despite poor telephone network in the town,some residents have hinted Mimi Mefo Info that military men are confronting ambazonia forces. Muyuka is believed to be hosting camps of Amba boys.

4 Christian Cardinal Tumi has criticized the Cameroonian society where minorities few live in affluence “as if they were in New York” while other live in total misery. Preaching to catholic Christians at Douala 5, the cardinal insisted that Cameroon belongs to all Cameroonians but the concentration of wealth in the hands of few is the root cause of political tension.

5 Calm has retained in Pendamboko after yesterday’s shooting at the borders between Pendamboko–Bonalea sub division in Moungo division of the littoral region and Muyuka in the South West region of Cameroon.Two military trucks carrying elements of the rapid intervention Battalion -the BIR invaded Pendamboko village in search armed men suspected of killed an element of the “gendarmerie” and a commercial motorcycle rider.

6 What role can traditional rulers play in the process of Peace in Cameroon?The question has divided views in Cameroon.To critics,all activities of the custodians of tradition have been politicized with the ruling party using money to buy their consciences .To others,chiefs still command respect among their subjects and thus can play a leading role.

7 Barrister Fidèle Djoumbisse is the new communication boss of the Cameroon renaissance movement Party for the littoral region. The lawyer was appointed through a release made public yesterday by the National communication secretary of the party Sosthène Medard Lipot.

8 The Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri bans trucks of all categories from using the east entrance to the city of Douala(Yassa Road Douala 3) from 5:00 AM to 9:00PM from today Monday 05th to the 31st August 2019.The period of the ban can be extended.In an order signed by SDO Bertrand Mache, he says defaulters who fails to respect the order will face the music of the law.There have been questions why the decision has not taken into consideration the entire city of Douala.

9 Technical school of Agriculture in Nkambe surviving under what school officials say it’s a “deplorable learning and teaching environment for students and teachers”.The school has insufficient infrastructure with the few that exist presenting a dilapidation state.To students, the entire campus needs to be rehabilitated to present a better image and an encouraging study environment. The school has poor toilets,insufficient offices for teachers and other workers .

10 Muea police station says the reason for the arrest and detention of Samuel Wazizi; a pidgin news reporter in Buea is « a high profile affair ». A former colleague of Wazizi says the police gives access only to family members to visit him.To the former colleague, it is not certain if the arrest is linked to the practice of journalism given that Wazizi has not practiced for over a year since Chillen Music and Television (CMTV) was shutdown.

11 Top investigative Tanzanian journalist Erick Kabendera has been charged with “economic crimes” a week after his arrest.According to the charge sheet, seen by BBC, he has been found guilty of Leading a criminal gang between January 2015 to June 2019 Failing to pay tax, totaling to about $75,000 (£62,000) between January 2015 to June 2019 among others.

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