National And International News Roundup – 24th June 2020

The board chair of Cameroon’s election governing body ELECAM says “ELECAM is working to track down individuals who hacked its official Facebook page”. In a release late Wednesday June 24th 2020, Enow Abrams Egbe distanced ELECAM from the latest information published on its Facebook page, indicating that the information was published by unknown individuals with bad faith.

The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political Party (CRM), Maurice Kamto has urged supporters and sympathisers to watch against what he calls malicious manoeuvre of manipulation and division. Reacting through his spokes person after his image was used on the hacked ELECAM Facebook account, Maurice Kamto distanced himself from the act, and called on militants not to fall for the trap.

Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, says the awareness and sensitisation mission being headed by the National Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of NW/SW regions (PPRD-NWSW) is just a waste of time and resources. Reacting on Equinoxe tv, the social critic and CPDM militant said ‘no peace no reconstruction”. He thinks Tasong and team know the truth, but have chosen to waste time and resources.

Religious leaders have been reminded of the key role they should play to instill the politics of conscience in the heart of politicians. In a seminar grouping leaders of the inter religious dialogue in Buea, participants were told that they have a key role to play inorder to bring back peace in the North West and south west regions

The South West Regional delegate of Basic Education has said all has been put in place to have a hitch free end of year examination, notably the Common Entrance and First School leaving certifacate exams. Mrs Dorothy Motaze was speaking in Buea during a visit to some examination centers.

Charlotte Dipanda says nothing can justify the killing of a young female student in Buea today. On her Facebook official page, the musician in a few lines says “nothing justifies killing even infidelity”. The girl Franka is reported to have been stabbed to death by his boy friend Alain because of her decision to marry another man.

There have been a rapid increase of the number of coronavirus cases in the North West Region in the past eight days. Dr. Kingsley Che Soh, Regional Delegate of public health says this is as a result of massive rapid tests. As of yesterday, the North West counted 409 COVID-19 cases. Clinical tests of people entering Bamenda start tomorrow at Matazem-Santa.This will be carried out by community health workers and volunteers of the Red Cross.

There will be systematic search of vehicles and taxis, bags and other belongings of people by security forces. This has been authorised by the regional delegate of national security. The decision follows a double explosion of artisanal bombs on the night of 20th June in different locations in Yaounde.

105 colleges have been transformed to bilingual schools in Cameroon. The state TV says the intension of the government is to promote bilingualism .PM Dion Ngute signed the decision on June 19th. The purpose is to accommodate students throughout the country.

Representatives of Mezam, Momo and Ngokentujia met with leaders of the reconstruction plan of the North West and South West regions in Bamenda. To the local officials, the success of the project will depend mostly on local population in the regions.

Dr. Eric Tandi of the Ministry of Public Health says Cameroonians should practice decontamination. He has explained that people should constantly clean surfaces in offices, houses and markets. Decontamination will stop the spread given that community infection is already on in Cameroon.

The European Union may temporarily ban US citizens from entering Europe. Due to the rising levels of Corona virus in the USA, the EU maybe forced to include the USA amongst other countries which will be denied travel visas as the ambassadors of the European Union meet today in an executive meeting to discuss their plans on a possible boarder opening to countries out of Europe.

In Buea, a boy has stabbed his girlfriend, to death for agreeing to marry someone else. The boy whose name we got as Alain, is a barber and has been in a relationship with Franka (the girl) for close to five years. Alain got angry when Franka informed him that her parents had collected bride price from one of her suitors. She was a level 200 Law student of the University of Buea.

A memorial mass was organised at the notre-dame-des-victoires Cathedral in Yaounde on a special request by Hon Albert Kouinche and His Lordship Jean Mbarga. It was in rememberance of the late Cameroonian business mogul Fotso Victor who died in France on March 20, 2020. The mass held at 4:00PM Cameroon time.

Cameroon comedian, Tembu Daniel has responded to his dismissal from the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Comedians, CAMCOMICS. In a release today, he said he was never a part of the association in the first place, but promised to work on his character.

CAF President, Ahmad Ahmad has denied rumours of taking the African Nations Cup to a different country. Postponed in February due to the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

Richard Bona has released visuals for his track in memory of victims of the Ngarbuh massacre in February in Cameron’s North West region. Titled “Ngarbuh”, the artist who has been very critical of the country’s government on his social media accounts said the victims are gone but have not been forgotten.

Zambia health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has been arrested on corruption charges levied against him. He has been accused of being in possession of goods gotten through dubious means

South Africa has approved the football season to kick off in the country. The minister approved of the resumption of football after analysing proposals submitted on the safety measure that will be implement to avert covid 19 spread

Gabon MP’s to will vote to decriminalize homosexuality. If the proposal is approved by upper house and the president it could be one of the few subsaharan African nations to reverse the law that punishes relationship between same sec

Ghana has apologized to Nigeria for demolishing a building at their embassy. President Nana Akufo Ado sent his apologies to Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari this afternoon after the accident.

Police rescue workers locked up in a rice factory. More than 100 people were kept hostage in a rice factory in Nigeria and forced to work amidst the corona virus lockdown

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