National And International News Roundup – 29th July 2020

The Mandela Center International is asking the government of Cameroon to order for a medico-legal autopsy on the body of Salif Adari Nyama. The journalist died mysteriously at the residence of the Divisional Officer for Deuk Sub Division in the Center Region of Cameroon on the 29th of June 2020.

Five months to the end of the year 2020, the Public Investment budget in the Wouri Division stands at 50.3 %. This was revealed in the course of an evaluation meeting today in Douala. Members of PIB are optimistic that things will get better by December.

Two presumed bandits specialised in the commercialisation of human bones have been presented to the press in Douala. Gendarmerie elements of the second brigade monitored and arrested them. They explained that they move around cemeteries harvesting human bones for sale.

The population of Kosala II in Kumba in the South West of Cameroon is yet to come to terms with the death of two brothers after consuming potatoes. Kimbeng Christopher 4 years and Perrick Beca 2 years, died shortly after eating the food.Their mother, Achamo Christina says the kids developed stomach complications after eating the food.

There have been tmid business activities at the periodic sheep market around the Douala International airport few days to the feast of the ram celebrated by Muslim faithfuls. The feast yhis year falls on Friday July 31st.

Cocao famers in Loum in the Moungo Division of the Littoral region of Cameroon have taken to the streets in protest against what they qualify exploitation from Cocoa buyers. According to the traders, buyers come to Loum and insist to offer just 800frs for a quality of Cocao, sold in other places in the Division at 1200 frs. At the Sub Divisional office, the angry famers asked the DO to compell buyers to buy in Loum at the same price offered in Mbanga and other parts of the Moungo Division.

The Cameroonian Diaspora is at the center of debate at the National Assembly. The parliamentary network for the Diaspora is currently engaged in consultations on how to reintroduce dua nationality in Cameroon. The project, if voted as law, will annull the 1970 law against double nationality.

The National Agency for Standard and norms has launched a war against the production and consumption of non conform cosmetic products in Cameroon. The agency says the consumption of these cosmetic products, which do not conform with the Cameroonian standards poses a threat to consumers.

Honourable Malomba Esembe, MP for Buea Urban constituency and president of the South West regional follow up committee for the execution of public contracts has warned contractors engaged in the execution of projects in the SW region that they will be taken to court if they fail in execution. During a heated debate grouping contractors and members of the follow-up committee, contractors challenged members to respect financial engagements.

Cameroon’s confirmed Covid-19 cases now stand at 17,255. Minister Manaouda Malachie says 15 320 have been treated, 387 deaths recorded and 155 hospitalised and 1,548 active cases.

Electricity distribution company, ENEO says it loses over 60 billion FCFA every year due to electricity fraud. The amount, it says exceeds its 2020 investment budget which stands at 45.7 billion FCFA.

Three people have died after a gas explosion in Nigeria’s Lagos State on Tuesday night. Emergency officials say the explosion in the Ajao Estate area originated from a shop occupied by a gas refilling business. The explosion reportedly left bodies mangled and dismembered in the rubble left behind. Several people are believed to be injured. Nine shops were affected by the fire which also destroyed other properties and three vehicles.

The government in Mali has reached out to a key opposition figure in efforts to resolve ongoing political crisis, AFP news agency has reported. Mali’s Prime Minister Boubou Cissé has invited influential imam Mahmoud Dicko to bring his movement into the unity government. The prime minister visited the imam at his home, according to a statement quoted by the news agency. Mr Dicko is a prominent player in the ongoing anti-government movement that is calling for the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta

A court in Somalia has sentenced journalist Abdiaziz Ahmed Gurbiye to six months in prison over Facebook posts that were critical of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Gurbiye is the chief editor and deputy director of the independent Goobjoog Media Group based in Mogadishu. He was charged with publication of false news and insulting the political administration and the judicial body.

South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has come under fire for breaching lockdown rules on social distancing while mourning anti-apartheid hero Andrew Mlangeni. Mr Mlangeni died last week at a military hospital in Pretoria. He was the last surviving anti-apartheid activist convicted with Nelson Mandela at the infamous Rivonia Trial.

The head of the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has denied accusations that the agency uses torture to make suspects plead guilty to crimes. Some 13 suspects facing terror charges, including freelancer journalist Phocas Ndayizera, told a court that they were tortured by officers from the agency who wanted them to plead guilty.

Kenya’s police watchdog has launched investigations into Tuesday’s brutal conduct of four police officers pictured beating a female lawmaker in the capital, Nairobi. The police were deployed to the Nairobi County Assembly to disperse lawmakers who had tried to impeach the Speaker amid chaotic scenes, according to local media. A standoff between the police and lawmakers ensued and the four police officers were pictured assaulting local representative Patricia Mutheu.

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