National and International News Roundup – 30 July 2019

  • Government says Anglophone detainees are alive.
  • Ayuk Tabe and Co threaten hunger strike.
  • Massive boycott of governor’s visit to Bui division.
  • Partial ghost town observation in Anglophone regions.
  • Second case of ebola declared in DR Congo.

1 The government of Cameroon has issued a statement saying Mancho Bibixy and one hundred and seventy seven others are alive.On the twitter page, the minister of Communication insists that the detainees are alive but failed to state the location where they are detained. Note that the detainees were taken out last week after the mutiny at the Yaounde central prison by security forces to an unknown location.

2 Ayuk Tabe Julius Sisiku and other Anglophone detainees have earlier issued a declaration to start a hunger strike tonight if the whereabouts of the detainees was not made public.Beside that, the detainees decry several other poor detention conditions as well as the torture meted on two lawyers that are part of the team defending the Nera 10.

3 Massive boycott of the visit of the governor of the North West region in Kumbo Bui division today.Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique has threatened
administrative sanctions on civil servants that have abandoned their duty posts because of the insecurity. He equally preached the message of back to school to parents saying wasting another school year is detrimental for the kids.

4 Some parents in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon have
been calling on Anglophone activists abroad to withdraw their kids from school as a practical demonstration of their calls for schools to remain close in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.To these disgruntle parents, the activists should show solidarity and keep their kids too in the house just as what they are advocating in the regions(ground zero).

5 In Nkambe yesterday, the governor of the North West region congratulated the people of Donga Mantung division for braving the odds to send their kids to school. Adolph Lele L’Afrique requested all authorities to strengthen the activities of vigilante groups in towns and villages to permit them assist the military in the process of maintaining peace.Note that the governor was
attacked twice on his way to Nkambe yesterday monday.

6 One driver in a convoy from Kumbo heading to welcome the governor from
Nkambe was shot this morning. Witnesses say Ambazonia boys ambushed
around Mah village in Nkum sub division and launched attack.Residents say restoration forces wanted to interrupt the journey of Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique to Kumbo.A similar scenario of attack happened yesterday on his way to Nkambe.

7 Barrister Ayah Paul Abine has questioned the high number of successful
candidates of the GCE ordinary and Advance levels in the two Anglophone
regions of Cameroon despite studying and writing in an insecure atmosphere.The former attorney general at the Cameroon supreme court is
wondering if the present status quo of high rate of insecurity in the North West and South West regions is seemingly favorable for learning.

8 There was a partial Shutdown in the Anglophone regions today.In Kumba, a few people opened their businesses. In Bamenda, some who opened their business centers early in the morning progressively closed as the day grew older.InMutengene,most people were in their homes with some passengers that left Limbe this morning finding it difficult to get to Buea. On the contrary, At mile 17 Buea,a businessman says activities took place hitch free.

9 Machè du Rail at the Douala 4 filled with rain water. Traders and road users say there is standing water in the market whenever it rains.They say that have paralyzed business activities during this raining sesson. The traders have been accusing the road construction company for poor work done that is causing flood.

10 Sudan’s authorities have ordered all schools nationwide to suspend classes
indefinitely amid mass student demonstrations over the shooting to dead of five people at a rally.A military council directive says their doors should remain closed from Wednesday.Protesters gathered in cities including the capital Khartoum following the killing of the protesters on Monday.

11 A second case of Ebola has been detected on Democratic Republic of Congo’s
border with Rwanda, raising fears the deadly illness could spread.The case was confirmed in the city of Goma, home to two million people, authorities said. More than 1,600 people have died of Ebola in DR Congo since the outbreak began in August 2018.

12 Nigeria’s police chief has said that anyone associating themselves with the Shia Muslim group Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) will be treated as a
terrorist.Muhammad Adamu told a conference of police officers that the group was a threat to national security and unity. He said all forms of protest or procession by the IMN are banned.

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