National and International News Roundup – 12 August 2019

  • Soldiers kill two in Babanki Tungo
  • Amba boys kidnap Fon of Ntunbaw, demand FCFA 7 million ransom
  • Catholic Church says 400 have died in Nso within Seven months
  • Media organs in NW/SW receive threats over back to school campaign
  • Cameroon ambassador to Ethiopia dies
  • Limbe Chief demands apology from Ni John Fru Ndi
  • DJ Arafat dies following a road accident.

There is a question of how the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui will ensure the security of mayors and civil servants of the division if they return to work. In two separate releases, SDO Simon Emile Mooh calls on mayors and civil servants from Bui Division seeking refuge in different places to return to their areas of work. The SDO has therefore instructed Divisional Officers to forward lists of absentee mayors and state workers for sanctions.

There have been widespread condemnation on social media following uncanny utterances from Motia Mathias Motia, Chief of Livanda Village in Limbe I Subdivision.
The youthful chief in a letter and video outing requests the chairman of the Social Democratic Front to apologise to his people.
Motia says Ni John Fru Ndi needs to apologise for visiting a bereaved family in his village without due authorisation. In the release signed Monday, the chief issued a 48-hour deadline for Ni John Fru Ndi to apologise. The chairman has not reacted to the demand.

3 Cameroon ambassador to Ethiopia was found dead today. Jacques Alfred Ndoumbe Eboule died in Addis Ababa Monday under unclear circumstances. He was the dean of the diplomatic corp in Ethiopia.

4 The media in Cameroon is facing threats from some separatist activists in the diaspora. Eric Tataw has threatened to arrest media workers championing the campaign for back to school in the North West and South West regions . In a video message on Facebook, the ambazonia activist says he has concluded talks with thirteen amba generals to enforce the decision.
Note that at the weekend, the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji equally threatened journalists who report what can fuel violence in Cameroon.

5 Conflicting reactions from parents in Buea on the calls for them to prepare their kids for school resumption in the town.
The Imam of the Buea Central mosque made a call yesterday during prayers to mark the celebration of the feast of Tabaski, urging parents to prepare for back to school.
The Muslim leader emphasised on the necessity for kids to be educated but failed to point out how kids will be protected in places like Mile 16 Bolifamba, Molyko and Muea.

6 A prominent Muslim scholar has questioned the attitude of some Imams who wait for non Muslim political and administrative authorities to be present in prayer grounds before they start prayers and other religious rites.
To Abdul Karim Ali, the attitude is against the teaching of Allah. For him, non Muslims who in anyway want to witness any prayer session by Muslims should keep to time.

7 Cameroonians are to resume activities effectively Tuesday, August 13, 2019.
This comes after a long weekend marked by the celebration of the feast of the ram and a national public holiday. Cameroonians will work for two days before observing yet another public holiday this Thursday, August 15, 2019 to mark Assumption Day, the day Roman Catholics believe the Blessed Virgin Mary went up to heaven.

8 Ivorian Minister of culture and francophonie has issued a condolence message to the family of Houon Ange Didier popularly known as DJ Arafat.
The popular musicia hn died Monday in Abidjan Ivory Coast. Following a message from the minister of culture, Arafat was involved in a fatal road accident in Abidjan Sunday night and gave up the ghost this morning. He died at the age of 33.

Meantime, fans and Ivorians round the globe have taken to their various social media platforms to mourn the demise of one of Africa’s renowned “Coupé Décalé” singer, DJ Arafat.
Many have flooded their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with his pictures and messages such as “RIP Legend.” DJ Arafat died in a motorbike accident.
According to the state media in Abidjan, the popular Ivorian singer died “….today at 8am as a result of a road accident overnight.” DJ Arafat died at the age of 33.

9 Farming activities have been greatly affected amid fears of food shortage as the Anglophone crisis drags on.
Some residents in communities like Nso in the North West Region told the BBC today that their entire harvests were burnt down as Government forces continue to battle Ambazonian fighters.
Locals in other areas like Wum in Menchum have remained frustrated after military stormed the area setting houses on fire.
Food and other important valuables were destroyed in the process.

10 An estimated 400 people have been killed in Nso, Bui Division of the North West Region in the past Seven (7) months.
The information is contained in a recent report issued by the Catholic Church. The report added that over 750 houses have been burnt during the same period in the area.
Nso has been one of the most hit localities in Anglophone Cameroon as the crisis deepens.

11 Tension was reported earlier today in Babanki Tungo in the North West Region.
At press time, a resident in the area said at least two people have been killed and properties looted.
Earlier today, locals had to seek refuge in bushes after military stormed the area and started breaking into homes and stores.
“Houses were set on fire, the people of Upper Babanki Tungo had to run into bushes after several military vehicles arrived the area,” a source told MMI.

12 The Fon of Ntunbaw in Ndu Sub Division has been missing for over three days now.
Sources from the village say he was kidnapped by Ambazonian fighters Friday August 9, 2019, who are now asking for a ransom of FCFA Seven millions (€10655) for his release.
He was kidnapped alongside Shanke Augustine who is also in captivity.

“He was taken away on Friday as he went to oversee the cleaning of GHS Ntumbaw in preparation for school resumption. While there, amba boys came in their number, firing gunshots and eventually took the fon away,” a source in the village said.
The fon is still in captivity.

13 Relatives of Rev. Pastor Gideon Jumbam Kfuban are worried about the kidnapping of the Man of God.
Rev. Pastor Gideon of the Baptist Church Nseh in Nso, Tatum was kidnapped Saturday August 10, 2019, on his way to Kumbo for church services, our source said. “We cannot tell who his kidnappers are as his line is unavailable,” the same source hinted Mimi Mefo Info.

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