Ntunbaw Fon kidnapped For Advocating For Back-To-School

The Fon of Ntunbaw in Ndu Subdivision has been missing for over four days now.

Sources from the village say HRH Fon Nfor Muhammed he was kidnapped by Ambazonian fighters Friday August 9, 2019.

The Ntumbaw Royal Stool is vacant as separatists take Fon captive

The separatists are now asking for a ransom of FCFA Seven millions (€10655) for his release, Mimi Mefo Info has learnt.

He was kidnapped alongside Shanke Augustine who is also in captivity.

“He was taken away on Friday as he went to the oversee cleaning up of GHS Ntumbaw in preparation for school resumption on September 2. While there, amba boys came in their numbers, firing gunshots and eventually took the Fon away,” a source in the village said.

The fon is still in captivity and his people are on the edgy to have him freed.

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