Student Writes MMI: “We want a safe environment to resume school”

A victim of the school boycott that is in its third year as a result of the current crisis in Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions has penned a painful letter to Mimi Mefo info.
In the letter, the students calls on the belligerents to make schools safe.

“I, as one of the victims of the school boycott, don’t think only campaigning for back to school without making the environment save for me is the best thing to do at the moment. As a student of the National Polytechnic Bamenda, I was forced to abandon school and run to Douala for safety just because of the harassment and threats I witnessed from both parties in the conflict,” the student wrote.

They add that: “We, the students, are not politicians so those in charge should resolve their differences for peace to return. No one will need to campaign or convince us again to go back to school. He who have ever witnessed the battle between the military and well armed men will understand and know best that what we need now is real serious dialogue which will bring stability and a peaceful environment for us to be sure of the safety of our lives if we go back to school.
“Instead of using the precious time and resources convincing us to go back to school, our government should hold talks with the party concerned for peace. I as a student need just environmental stability, natural peace to go back and continue my studies in Bamenda and not forcing peace with guns.
“Whenever I see a gun, it signifies war to me so an everlasting solution that will do away with those guns is what can save our lives if we get back to school.”

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