Mukuru Villagers Launch SOS Call As Anglophone Crisis Digs In

The people of Mukuru Village in the Menchum Valley subdivision of Cameroon’s North West Region are in dire need of relief materials.

Mukuru, with a total population of about 1,340 inhabitants as per the last census has more than doubled in numbers but the amenities have rather nosedived as a result of the crisis rocking Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions.

Persons fleeing the violence in neighboring villages like Befang and Modelle are seeking refuge in Mukuru, Mimi Mefo info has learned.

Deserted Mukuru Village

Mukuru villager writes to MMI
A concerned Mukuru villager appeals to Mimi Mefo Info that the people of Mukuru are in need of aid.
Hear them: “Due to the sociopolitical crisis in Anglophone regions, Mukuru Village and its population has suffered a lot of untold hardship. Apart from the gruesome killings, the village now faces a lot of health and social threats.

“Patients have no access to drugs, no area to carry out economic activities, a bag of salt is sold at FCFA 6,500, Maggi at FCFA 1,200 for a packet, paracetamol FCFA 500 a card just to name a few.
“Mukuru presently experiences the highest rate of disease spread.

This is where kids in the Mukuru village fetch water

In February 2019, Akhu (Mukuru) Youths and Development Association AYADA under the leadership of Mendi Lucas launched a humanitarian project to assist people in the village with basic needs.
“The project which is due for execution by September 4, 2019 has seen very small participation and contribution. So far a little over FCFA 150,000 has been collected for this project which was budgeted at FCFA 1.000.000.

Schools in Mukuru shut their doors since 2016. Kids have not been to school for three years

“Today we are appealing to you to assist in two ways. First to contribute to the project through the numbers we will list below and also to forward this message to all sons and daughters of Mukuru. The time to assist these people in the village is now. This is the most important project for our people at this great time in need. Please please please do not ignore the message no matter how small you give we will form an ocean. Don’t wait to ask who has done what be the first.

SG AYADA Mr Mendi Lucas 677042451
Project Manager AYADA Mr Fotoh Titus
Publicity Secretary AYADA”.

Mimi Mefo Info

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