National and International News Roundup: Thursday 28 November 2019

It is uncertain if the Social Democratic Front SDF will run for 2020 elections. The first vice president of the party says the regime needs to ensure peace before February 9th, 2020. In a press conference today in Yaoundé Hon. Joshua Osih says SDF will take her responsibility as the voice of the people seriously if the government of Paul Biya fails to ameliorate the situation.  Some critics say SDF is playing political games.

Some three front line militants of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party, have issued a disclaimer, renouncing belonging to the SDF council list for Widikum-Menka electoral District for the upcoming February 2020 municipal elections.  In a disclaimer forwarded to the media, Achua Frankline Nyah Magselus and Ayire Michael say they dissociate themselves from any activity whatsoever especially campaigning and participation in the election for the Widikim-Boffe Council

The first national vice president of the SDF, Hon. Joshua Osih and Hon. Mbah Ndam, vice president of the National Assembly in Cameroon today met with the Secretary Generals of the commonwealth, La Francophone and the chairperson of the African Union Commission. According to the shadow cabinet minister of communication of the Social Democratic Front, the SDF party representatives discussed the worsening anglophone crisis, and the Boko Haram crisis in the Far North Region, with the guests.

The Cameroon National Reconciliation Party (CPNR) is demanding fifteen additional days for her militants to compile and deposit documents for the twin elections next year.  Cabral Libii leader of the political party says local administrators in bad faith frustrated efforts of militants of his party from compiling their documents. Cabral Libii, has threatened that the PCRN will pull out if his request is not met. In a release today, Cabral Libii said the time accorded political parties to compile documents for the elections was insufficient.  His said his party failed in compiling documents to run for most of the over 300 Council seats and 180 Parliamentary seats in Cameroon

Cases of human rights violation are on the rise in Cameroon. In the 2018 human rights report in Cameroon presented today, it points that systematic ban of public manifestations by the government has gained grounds.  The National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms regrets the high level of rights violations in the war-torn regions of Cameroon. On the condition of prisoners, the commission says it is deplorable.

Inhabitants of Carrefour Matango -Ndogsimbi at Douala 3 are still to come to terms with a broad daylight gunshot this afternoon in the neighbourhood. Four bandits fired bullets in the air and succeeded to make away with an undisclosed sum of money.  They attacked a man as he left a financial institution after withdrawing money.

Muea village in the South West Region of Cameroon is partly deserted as insecurity persist. Inhabitants say military men killed five boys believed to be Ambazonia fighters. The bodies were abandoned in a slaughterhouse.

Some Cameroonians say they are not interested in the change of general managers at the helm of ENEO Cameroon. For them, they want a Cameroon where electricity will be available for both domestic and industrial use for the growth of Cameroon. Joel Nana Kontchou resigned today as general manager while Eric Mansuy has been appointed as the new GM.

French-born Eric Mansuy is the New General Manager of ENEO. He was designated today by the Board of Directors of the enterprise, to replace Cameroonian born Joel Nana Kontchou. Mr Nana Kontchou resigned as director of ENEO to pursue investments in the social domain, according to his resignation letter, addressed to staff of ENEO. He has been the director of ENEO for five years

About 20 shops have been burnt following a fire incident in the Njimom market, in Njimom village in the Noun Division of the West Region of Cameroon. The fire incident that broke out in the late hours of the day, reduced the shops to ashes, under the watchful eye of the helpless population. Local sources say the neighbourhood has no firefighting unit

The number of suspected cholera cases in the Bakassi Peninsula, Ndian Division of the South West Region of Cameroon has risen to 61. Official sources say more than 6 persons have already died of the cholera outbreak in the locality, though local sources say the death toll stands at more than 20

Three health workers fighting to curb the spread of the Ebola virus in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been killed and four others critically injured after an attack by armed groups in the restive Ituri province. On Tuesday, the WHO said it was relocating 49 staff after crowds attacked a UN base in the town of Beni accusing UN forces of not protecting them from rebel attacks.

The Nigerian government has admitted that the closure of the country’s borders is responsible for a small rise in the cost of living, especially food prices. It shut all its land borders in August in an effort to stop the smuggling of food, especially rice, into the country.

As part of Ghana’s celebration of the “year of return”, the country has granted citizenship to 126 people from the diaspora who have been living in Ghana for many years, a statement from the presidency says. At the ceremony on Wednesday evening, President Nana Akufo-Addo told the new citizens: “You have the responsibility of preserving and promoting the image of a country whose reputation, amongst the community of nations, is, today, high.” Marking 300 years since the first African was sold in a slave market in America, Ghana – a major hub during the transatlantic slave trade – declared 2019 the year of return for people in the diaspora.

A UN official has painted a bleak picture of the availability of food in Zimbabwe. In a statement in the capital, Harare, she said that 60% of the country’s 14 million people were not getting enough food to meet their basic needs.

(Foreign News Source: BBC Africa)

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