National and International News Roundup – Wednesday August 14th 2019

-Douala hosts inter-community dialogue to resolve Anglophone crisis

-Mah villagers seek refuge in forest following military invasion

-Soldiers feared dead in an accident in Malende

-Corruption reported in Bonaberi schools

1 Some inhabitants of Ntumbaw village, Ndu Sub Division in the North West Region of Cameroon have been released by Ambazonia fighters upon the payment of 300.000 FCFA each. The people were arrested alongside the Fon of Ntumbaw for engaging in a cleaning up exercise at GHS Ntumbaw, ahead of school resumption. The Fon is still being held captive by the amba boys, with reports that a ransom of 17.5 million FCFA has been demanded.

2 A comprehensive solution to the socio political crisis in Cameroon is necessary for the return of peace in Cameroon. That is the opinion of some participants at the inter community dialogue meeting that took place today in Douala. Organised by the network for the defense of human rights in central Africa, the inter community dialogue forum seeks to assemble all shades of opinion aimed at providing lasting socio political solutions to the prevailing crisis.

3 Anglophone militiamen standing against school resumption in the regions. Two groups of restoration forces fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroon have called for lockdowns in the Anglophone Regions come September. Ground Zero defense forces and Ambazonia military forces in separate releases say lockdowns will run from the 2nd to the 6th and from the 9th to the 13th of September 2019. They call on people to stock their houses with food and other basic necessities.

4 A greater percentage of the population of Mah village in Bui division, North West of Cameroon have spent two nights in the forest. The villagers say military men deployed to the village to combat Ambazonia fighters have been terrorising the local people.

5 Attention is focused on Buea High Court as people await a reaction to a habeas corpus filed by a lawyer defending a pidgin news journalist Samuel Wazizi. Bar. Edward Lyonga Ewule filed the demand Tuesday given that his client Samuel Wazizi has been detained incommunicado for a week at the 21st Motorised infantry batalion in Buea.The Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ has called for the unconditional release of Wazizi. The journalist is accused of spreading information that promotes violence.

6 Catholic Christians in Cameroon and the world over will celebrate the Feast of Assumption tomorrow Thursday, 15th August. On this day, it is believed that Mary the mother of Jesus went to heaven body and soul.

7 The governor of the Littoral Region says work is advancing at the east entrance to the city of Douala. Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboa visited the areas of work today with firm instructions for the construction companies to accelerate work and solve the problem of traffic.

8 The Divisional Officer of Douala IV has warned the people of Bonaberi to be more vigilant and stay safe from buildings that show signs of collapsing. Jean Mark Ekwa Mbarga visited a site of a collapsed building at Sodiko today. He called on tenants to be vigilant as the raining season intensifies.

9 Pastor William Bantom of Holy Trinity Peace Church Nitop Bamenda has been released. Kidnapped Monday this week by Ambazonia fighters, he was set free today. Witnesses say he was taken away for intervening to stop the boys from punishing a woman caught selling on Monday ghost town day.

10 Fear has gripped the population of Akum village Santa Sub Division following the discovery of a corpse along the road to Bafoussam. Inhabitants say they heard gunshots around the area last night and found a corpse this morning.

11 Many are feared dead and several others injured after a military vehicle was involved an accident in Malende this evening. Malende is a locality in Muyuka, Fako, South West region. A rescue team transported the injured victims to hospital for treatment. The Government has not reacted to the accident.

12 A well organised corrupt network at Government Bilingual High School Bonaberi in Douala aimed at extorting money from internally displaced students seeking admission for the 2019/2020 school year. Some parents of these IDP students say some school officials have out rightly asked for 100.000f as bribe before admitting a child. Efforts to get to these school officials have not yielded fruits. Mimi Mefo Info is still investigating.

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