National Episcopal Conference Discredits Cameroon’s Twin Elections

The Roman Catholic National Episcopal Conference conference in Cameroon says there was a timid voter turn out for municipal and legislative elections on the 9th of February 2020 in Cameroon.

In a press statement in Yaounde Tuesday February 11th 2020, His Lordship Abraham Kome, president of the national episcopal conference mentions that in a polling station in Sangmelima, just 85 people voted out of 310 names on the electoral list. In Batouri, an 80.7% rate of absence was recorded.

To the conference of Bishops in Cameroon, the timid participation was recorded generally in the country.

Besides absences, the National Episcopal Conference says cases of violence were recorded in Balachi village; few kilometers from Mbouda in the west region and in Kouseri in the far North region of Cameroon.

According to His Lordship Abraham Kome “four months after the holding of the major national dialogue, violence is still on the rise in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon”

He regrets that because of this, observers from the “Network of Justice and Peace” under the National Episcopal Conference accredited to observe elections in the anglophone regions did not carry out the activity.

262 out of 313 observers of the national episcopal of the Catholic Church were accredited by the ministry of territorial administration. This only permitted the observers to cover 46 out of 58 divisions in Cameroon.

Observers noticed that the voting was not secret in some polling stations while campaign posters were still visible in polling stations and centres.

The declaration of the national episcopal conference contradicts that of the minister of territorial administration and the director general of elections Cameroon who talked of a massive participation throughout the national territory.

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