New Cameroon Movie, ‘Therapy’ soon to hit the stands

A new Cameroon movie is set to go public in the near future. Titled Therapy, the movie is directed by Musing Derick and Artnurin.

The movie has two Nollywood Legends, Richard Mofe Damijo and Iretiola Doyle alongside some of Cameroon’s best actors in the likes of Alenne Meget, Syndy Emade, Ermelinde Simo Sakah and Lucie Membe.

Described as one a kind, ‘Therapy’ has two directors: Musing Derick and Artnurin, with Producers Ermelinde Simo Sakah Jing and Sakah Antoine.

Characters on set ‘Therapy’

The aim of the production team Antoine says is for “this movie to take the Cameroonian Movie Industry to another Level”.

“The ideal is to bring out a concept that is neglected within our African context; the inability for a man to have children,” Antoine says.

The movie he adds also seeks “to draw the Public’s attention that it’s normal and there is therapy for that”.

Therapy stars the African legendary @mofedamijo, @iretidoyle and Cameroon top notch likes of @ermelindesakahjing @alennemenget @syndyemade @luciemembabos @nebagodwill @mrsobasyndula
Produced by @ermelindesakahjing
Directed by @musingdericktenn @artnurin
DOP @reneetta
Gaffer @rapha_obi_tambe
PM @bankz_bantar_
Continuity @jessienehwah
Production design @willstonmokom
Makeup @maminewlook, @lelioachanga
Sound @simplypriestly
Props @jollylivebooks
Photo credit @switch.entertainment

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