Post Major National Dialogue Sensitisation Caravans Launch Activities

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute weeks after the Major National Dialogue has taken action regarding the recommendations made at the event.This saw the launching of the “regional post dialogue sensitisation caravans” in the two regions over the weekend.For the South West region, Bishop Andrew Nkea of the Mamfe Diocese leads the delegation, while his Eminence, Christian Cardinal Tumi leads that of the North West.Following the launch, officials will be expected to visit the different divisions of these regions.The main aim of the delegations is to sensitize inhabitants of the Anglophone regions on the decisions taken at the national dialogue as well as the expectations from the process.While some laud the initiative, especially due to the fact that the delegations are not made up if solely members of the ruling CPDM party, others say it is putting the cart before the horse, as some of these same people were ignored during the Major National Dialogue. Others also say it will not be effective, owing to the fact that intense fighting is still raging on in some divisions and subdivisions of the North West and South West regions.Though President Paul Biya in a recent outing in France said he had endorsed the Special Status which was one of the dialogue’s recommendations, the bill is yet to be submitted or discussed in parliament.

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